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    WTB Mechanical keyboard (100% or 90%) with red/black/brown keys

    Yes, I need the numpad. RGB is not a requirement.
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    WTB el cheapo gpu

    3070s, 3080s everywhere, nary a budget option, i think, 6800s, 6900s everywhere, my budget (and sanity) gone in a blink! bring out your dead! what happened to the good ole 3050s and 6500s? hell, i'd be happy even with a 6400 at this point! hit me up with a decent price and a decent gpu, all i...
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    WTB WTB low-mid range laptop (no more than 4 years old please)

    Prefer the following: 1. CPU: Ryzen 5, Intel (6xxx series or greater only, please) 2. DDR4 ram EXPANDABLE (ie, not soldered like some lenovo models) 3. SSD 4. FHD display please keep in mind these would be "ideal" configs. since we all know that its very hard to find "ideal" laptops, feel free...
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    PC Peripherals Ali Express and mechanical keyboards.

    I'm seeing prices START from 1.5k for RGB backlit mech keyboards. Are these legit? Anyone has tried these keyboards? I was considering buying a 2nd hand mech keyboard, but if these keyboards are decent enough, then i could grab one off AE. My only requirement is they should NOT have Blue type...
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    WTB mechanical keyboard (NOT looking for noisy Blues)

    Hiya, Im looking to buy a working mech keyboard that does NOT have noisy Cherry MX Blue type switches. Anything else will do. Backlight not required but would be a nice bonus. Feel free to directly PM me, or you can post pics of ur keyboards with a link to description here. Please also...
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    Reliablity of online tech stores?

    I have only ever bought one item online, a Corsair VX450 PSU from TheITWares waaay back in 2011. I've seen some people complaining about TheITWares, TheITDepot, PrimeAGB, many complaints were that they just took the money and didnt ship the product. Today, I want to buy some PC parts, and all...
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    Audio Looking for a decent headset and mic, for voice comms.

    <this post was lost due to a crash in which we lost 3 days of posts>
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    WTB widescreen monitor (flat panel)

    Delhi/Noida area, need 20 inches or above. should be in good condition. budget 2-4k (tho can increase a bit, if really needed)
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    WTB Media player with expandable storage (memory cards, etc)

    want a decent media player, for use with headphones. budget : 2k or less. sansa clip+'s are preferred.
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    [QUERY] Can i avail this offer in India?

    i came across this great deal. does this apply here? will amazon deliver in india? do i need to have a credit card?
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    WTB Second hand/Used computer components (CPU + GPU + mobo)

    [DONE]Second hand/Used computer components (CPU + GPU + mobo) Want to buy : ------------------ USED/SECOND HAND computer part : 1. Graphics Card (GPU) 2. CPU (processor) 3. Motherboard _______________________________________________ Graphics cards preferred : Nvidia : GT260, GT440...
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    Affordable Used IEM

    I wish to buy a pair of affordable, used IEM's. The earphones should be in good condition, as i donot want damaged or broken ones. i donot mind paying extra for a particularly great deal. Budget is 1.5K INR Location : Delhi NCR. Local buyers will be preferred.
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    Video want to buy 32 inch flat screen TV

    hello, im looking to buy a flat screen TV in the 22-27k range. i checked around a bit and found these tv's, and the dealers are willing to give nominal discounts. toshiba : 32PB20 25K 32PB10 32PB2 32PB1 22K 32HV10 20K PANASONIC: THL32C30D 27K (i like this one, but has some useless(for...
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    hey, a big hello from me to all TE folks! i've heard a lot about you guys, but havent had the inclination to join, until now. see ya in the main forums.