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  1. manucitc

    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Also need someone to share disney hotstar
  2. manucitc

    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Anyone need Sony liv.have bought it ,like to share with member for half price
  3. manucitc

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Two brother stole the show for me. Great character development. Get slow in second half but still not boring at all.. Easy 7/10.
  4. manucitc

    Nothing Phone

    I don't think I have seen single android user using dual app on their phone. For WhatsApp you can always use moded WhatsApp which Co exist with main WhatsApp without need of any setting
  5. manucitc

    FS: Tablet Fire HD 10 tablet

    I am taking it . Hand to hand deal in ahmedabad
  6. manucitc

    FS: Tablet Fire HD 10 tablet

    Check PM
  7. manucitc

    [Sharing] Surfshark VPN Subscription

    Whoever interested can reach me on telegram @olympicroyaltouch
  8. manucitc

    About MCB for an ac

    Nope, we have tons of 2 Ton AC running on single phase at plant.
  9. manucitc

    About MCB for an ac

    It's not actually. His AC is old non inverter and 2 Ton so compressor start will have larger kick then 16 Amp. You should atleast have 32 Amp mcb for 2 TON AC. Today's inverter AC compressor doesn't consume that much starting amp old AC does. Also buy MCB from reputable brand
  10. manucitc

    [Sharing] Surfshark VPN Subscription

    If you guys want we can buy and start sharing with other members who are still intrested. I just check price, it's around 5000 for 28 month. Let me know
  11. manucitc

    [Sharing] Surfshark VPN Subscription

    I am in so let me know
  12. manucitc

    Trackers - Discussions Thread

    Join, from my limited search I can see they have most indian album available .
  13. manucitc

    Video iBox: It came, I saw, it conquered!

    There are hardly 5-6 box out there which support widevine.. It's actually quite sacred to get widevine support then you think
  14. manucitc

    Android Whatever happened to HTC?

    Started putting itself as on same level as Samsung and price themselves out of competition. Same thing with LG
  15. manucitc

    Budget 10-15K Mi 11x vs Poco X3 Pro or sth else for less than ₹17k.

    11x has so much quality issue though. Proximity sensor and display issue are still there and they are not getting resolve with update.
  16. manucitc

    Need suggestions for purchasing a new AirCon.

    Why people are here always get gas refilled without finding leakage first? It's actually easier to find gas leakage in windows ac than split.
  17. manucitc

    WTB Fidelio X2/HR or HD598

    Have HD598, Bought it from Amazon few 3 year back, but used like less than 10 hour max.
  18. manucitc

    Other OnePlus providing free battery replacement on select devices. You have to pay labour charges.

    First check battery health, it should be below 80% or they will not change it. Oneplus diagnostic app is use for that, available on apkmirror