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  1. princeoo7

    PC Peripherals How many fans does your chassis have?

    can someone help me understand how to fit 2 fans at the top of psu shroud in corsair 5000D airflow. I am so confused on how to do it...
  2. princeoo7

    Monitor Color Calibration

    some of my whites are yellow on my viewsonic 32inch monitors. its pretty confusing situation like it changes to yellow tint for only few windows in some unknown case. I think default is the best at the moment. will try the @Ani_99 suggested video...
  3. princeoo7

    Is it possible to allocate actual Ram as VRAM for a GPU?

    data center khole hokya ?
  4. princeoo7

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    as I said. 22.11.2 is not the issue ... chech the update in this video. Video link is not wrong if someone thinking :P
  5. princeoo7

    Cordless car wash pump

    it seems non has of yet :angelic:
  6. princeoo7

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    its hard now :dead:
  7. princeoo7

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    yes in minecraft fps were up! reset I have no idea :dead:
  8. princeoo7

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    22.11.1 is also safe.
  9. princeoo7

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    just watching this right now! I was not at all feeling any issue on 22.11.2. to me honest, the drivers was smooth for me. I use to get the shutter effect on my system before that. Don't remember if it exist on 22.11.1 which I have downgraded to. lets see ...
  10. princeoo7

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Using my PC for the same so, Nope ;)
  11. princeoo7

    Nvidia 4000 series cards

    price again dropping I heard :p
  12. princeoo7

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    I can understand gpu, but ssd? HOW?
  13. princeoo7

    AMD 6000 series graphics cards

    I am on those drivers, WTF!
  14. princeoo7

    Budget 71-90K Advise on M1 8gb or 16gb

    any time 16GB version!
  15. princeoo7

    Budget 31-40k GPU for 1440p gaming

    JD secondhand components is also a good place to buy. do the admin method only. as for shared fees based for seller. 50% - 50%. fees is 1% of the deal.
  16. princeoo7

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Got myself a second hand 3060ti FE with 2 years warranty 2 days back. Card is non mined as per condition and temps are below 70c (62c to 69c). Found it locally! Was planning to buy the 3070 FE from TE or 3070ti but then we thought that spending more on demonising returns is not worth it, as I...
  17. princeoo7

    AM5 and Ryzen 7000 News

    FTW :dead: