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  1. harish.awe

    FS: Others Mi Band 1s (with Heart Rate Sensor)

    Where can i buy this if want this same model ?
  2. harish.awe

    WTB Nikon mount lenses for D5300 !!

    Sorry I'm looking for fast lenses!
  3. harish.awe

    WTB Nikon mount lenses for D5300 !!

    no one selling Nikon lenses !! :bored:
  4. harish.awe

    WTB Nikon mount lenses for D5300 !!

    Hi Im looking for lenses for my new nikon D5300, I have standard 18-55mm kit lens. I want to upgrade to some fast lenses, here are my requirements. - aperture f 1.8 or 2.8 depending on the lens - zoom lens or prime lens open for both - brand preference nikon, Sigma or Tamron - if prime then...
  5. harish.awe

    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Plz share the invite if someone has it
  6. harish.awe

    Android India Specific OnePlus Invites - Share &/or Queue Up Here

    Hi, I need 2 invites could anyone plz share it. Thanks in advance
  7. harish.awe

    FS: Mobile Google LG Nexus 4, 8GB, Ringke Fusion case!

    Offered the same he is not willing to sell, he says he will keep as backup device, and not ready to sell !! Then why is he bumping the thread !!?
  8. harish.awe

    FS: Mobile Google LG Nexus 4, 8GB, Ringke Fusion case!

    @OP : plz close your thread if you are not willing to sell your phone. plz dont waste others time !
  9. harish.awe

    My new year resolution is..

    I'm using 2k resolution LG G3 now.. My new year resolution is for 2015 is 4k!!
  10. harish.awe

    34Mbps - The internet speed at Prime Minister's Office (RTI query reveals)

    No its Hathway bangalore, Service is really good in my area. Speed varies from 40 - 51Mbps depending on the peak time.
  11. harish.awe

    Less than 10K Good Bluetooth stereo headset under 2.5k

    Im using the same headset, Its very good VFM stereo BT headset. I got it for 1.8k, 1.2k is a steal deal for this item.
  12. harish.awe

    Budget Above 25K HTC One M8 or LG G3 ??

    Most of the reviews i see they say HTC M8's display is better than G3 in terms of contrast and saturation( result colors look more vibrant in M8), and G3's colors are little washed out !! is this true ? does anyone has experienced the same ?