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  1. siddharth24

    FS: Headphone RHA T20i Brand New. Unboxed

    @rishimittal Are these wireless as well? And still available?
  2. siddharth24

    FS: Headphone RHA MA750 Excellent Condition 1 year old

    @adibaba Are these wireless? And still available?
  3. siddharth24

    FS: Headphone RHA T20 earphones

    @thomasjude47 Is it still available? Also are these wireless?
  4. siddharth24

    Broadband service provider in vashi sector 2a

    Hi Guys, I'm staying in Allahabad Bank Officer Residence, sector 2A, Navi Mumbai. I'm looking for some good broadband service provider with good speed(10-15 Mbps) and unlimited data usage.
  5. siddharth24

    Asus Zen series Launched. (Zen 5 to compete with Moto G)

    @Parix, Does Zenfone 5 has FM Radio?? Please do let us know about the battery performance.
  6. siddharth24

    FS: Mobile Samsung Omnia W well maintained and in excellent cndition - Bangalore

    Samsung Omnia W - Windows Phone in excellent condition. Screen guard still intact since first day. Updated to Windows Phone 7.8 Operating System.
  7. siddharth24

    [IC] Imported Mobiles of Apple,Samsung, Sony, Nokia, LG & HTC (Price Updated 26/06)

    @TheKnight Is Xperia Z1 available?? If yes how much it will finally cost when shipped to Bangalore???
  8. siddharth24

    Car & Bike Need suggestions for a new car.

    go for i20 dude no doubt, swift diezel wont be as good as swift petrol k series.
  9. siddharth24

    PC Peripherals Facing problem with screen graphich

    hi, i have DELL STUDIO 1537 without graphic card, 3gb ram, 2 GH CORE 2 DUO PROCESSOR, there are some graphic breaks on my screen , i formatted my laptop , changed OS but nothing helped, can you suggest how to resolve this?
  10. siddharth24

    CPU/Mobo Intel Or AMD ?

    i-5 obviously, as it is gets less heated as compared to any other AMD processor.
  11. siddharth24

    BSNL 3G Thread

    superb prising , i dont think any other 3G network provider can conquer this price.
  12. siddharth24

    Need help: iPod Touch not charging - Strange problem

    if it was in warranty , no need to be worried about they will replace the batteries or your i-pod, now a days apple services are improved in India.
  13. siddharth24

    Buying iPod Touch 4G

    as i have seen on apple India website i-touch 4G 32 GB was costing around 19,900/- but it's costly than in US for sure. And anyways you buy it from any where you will get the international warranty , warranty starts when you activate your i-pod using the i-tunes and only if you have not hacked it.