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  1. Sudarshan_SMD

    FS: Headphone RHA T10i and Sony WF-XB700 (Amazon Renewed)

    Received the earphones. Thank you.
  2. Sudarshan_SMD

    OC & Modding Cleaning and restoring a Coolermaster Stacker 830!

    The legendary case couldn't have found a better owner/caretaker. CM Stacker 830 is one of my favorite cases. So happy to see this. Congratulations @SunnyBoi.
  3. Sudarshan_SMD

    Rest in Peace Udit

    Very sad to hear this. RIP Udit.
  4. Sudarshan_SMD

    Govt to limit chinese courier item as gift to maximum 4 times a year

    Going off topic here. Can you recommend books on Indian history topic?
  5. Sudarshan_SMD

    The Fitness Thread !

    Wooha, flying with Cedar Wright! That's some elite company to have.
  6. Sudarshan_SMD

    The Fitness Thread !

    @booo Beautiful photographs there. Since you are so much into Hiking, why not try Rock Climbing? Don't know where exactly you live, but many cities in US have Climbing gyms. Give it a go, its lot more fun. As opposed to running, in rock climbing practicing at gym is important to improve...
  7. Sudarshan_SMD

    I make custom mechanical keyboards

    Nice work. We have had Mechanical Keyboard meets in Pune. Do check these threads by Mohit Garg aka Moz:
  8. Sudarshan_SMD

    My Video Games and Console

    Have had opportunity to witness the collection in person. Not only the collection is amazing, but also the way he maintains it is amazing.
  9. Sudarshan_SMD

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Good ink does help in making shabby handwriting look not the worst.
  10. Sudarshan_SMD

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair Dominator AirFlow Xtreme Cooling System

    ermm, is the item used or never taken out of packaging?
  11. Sudarshan_SMD

    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master Stacker STC 01 with 2 (4 in 3) modules.

    Great pricing. This was one of my cabinet of dreams as a kid. Would have picked it up, if I was in Bangalore.
  12. Sudarshan_SMD

    Camera Lowepro India Warranty Experience - One Word Terrible

    Had mailed lowepro india about lost sternum strap(chest strap) on my backpack. But, got no response from them. Here is some excerpt from the mail: Didn't got any response from Lowepro. This, for a backpack that costs 15k! I had bought it for lowerpro....err lower price, thanks to discount...
  13. Sudarshan_SMD

    OC & Modding My first complete WC setup!

    rad setup. Congratulations. The GPU block looks killer in white.
  14. Sudarshan_SMD

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Congratulations. I replaced my sturdy but heavy Benreo A300FBH0 with MeFoto Backpacker. It's not the sturdiest tripod, but its small size more than compensates for it.
  15. Sudarshan_SMD

    Steam India Prices

    It costs 50$! I paid 1800 for base game + Dream Pack 1 when it was on sale. At this price, its a must have for simulation fans. Need to get Dream Pack 2 which costs some 367Rs. this.
  16. Sudarshan_SMD

    The One pen to rule them all.

    Congratulations. Superb collection you got there. For anybody who wants to use fountain pen, I'd recommend getting good quality ink and basic good quality pen. Ink makes a huge difference, and low end pens from popular fountain pen makers offer high value for money. As my handwriting is shabby...