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    FS: Mobile [Sold]iPhone SE 16 GB Grey

    Moderator kindly close the thread Sold outside
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    FS: Mobile [Sold]iPhone SE 16 GB Grey

    Hi everyone ! I am selling a brand new iPhone SE 16 GB Reason for sale - Received as gift|I do not require it Item Condition - 10/10 The phone is not even switched on. Bill and Warranty intact + 10 days Apple Store guarantee Asking Price - 19.5k Payment preferred - Bank Transfer/NEFT/Cash...
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    WiFi Router or WiFi extenders

    Get Mi router 3 for 2k from GearBest and connect it with a LAN cable You are good to go
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    Budget 10-15K Good Sturdy Phone with a good Camera

    Redmi 3s prime/Lenovo k6 power
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    Water Geyser 25L - Urgent Needed

    Have you checked Midea geysers? I saw that it has lowest standoff loss better than any counterparts in 25 ltr segment plus it's compact
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    He's gonna demonetise Rs. 2000 note also. Then there will only be 100 and 500 notes as high value. Plus all this notes will already be in the banking system.
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    Best Air purifier ?

    See I couldn't find any results these purifier obtained nor do I know the environmentalist they consulted to manufacture them.So I cannot comment on their effectiveness. But here's what I can suggest you to do- Get four saplings and place it into illuminated corners of your home. Water them...
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    Best Air purifier ?

    I know indoor air pollution is a major concern especially in Delhi. Personally as a Engineer with elective in Air Pollution these air purifier are gimmick.Mathematically speaking they are incapable of cleaning the whole air inside the room considering low air flow rate. Air purifier...
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    MI Router 3 reviews

    Purchased from Gearbest for 2k Pros- 1.Awesome Range 2.Perfect Repeater Mode 3.5G works awesome 4.Miwifi app 5.Auto sets bands with least interference Cons : 1.Chinese Language 2.Warranty issues
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    Need Router

    Generally I am strongly against Chinese products but as the entire router market is manufactured in China mostly check Mi router 3 Got it from Gearbest for 2100/- in 15 days. Good speed Nice interface Fascinating Range. Won't disappoint I am currently using them at both of my homes
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    Budget Above 25K Lg G5 vs OP3 vs S6edge ?

    Honor 8 seems a good choice too. Great Camera good looks .
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    You may get 3 yrs in jail, Rs 3 lakhs fine for downloading copyrighted content

    Guys use https:// and try Government are blocking non ssl URL with heavy traffic.
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    Reliance Jio Rollout

    So you cannot make calls right?
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    Reliance Jio Rollout

    Guys does iphone 5 support VoLTE or 4G?
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    Graphic Cards Gtx 1060 vs 1070,too confusing

    Easy dude depends on monitor. Planning to upgrade to a 2k/4k monitor in future or use one - Get 1070 Or else for 1080p gaming get 1060 Please ditch the 3 GB 1060
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    Reliance Jio Rollout

    Dude it's meant Jio store or Apple store so it's not for Flipkart/Amazon purchases?
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    Budget 90k+ Planning To Build A New Productivity/Gaming Pc Need Some Advice..

    Hey listen 1060 is sweet for 1080p gaming Anything above 2k go with 1070. Cheaper alternative to 850 evo is zotac's premium SSD Buy i7 only if you plan to edit or do CAD work. For normal productivity and gaming i5 is more than sufficient
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    Google branded 'Pixel' phone launched

    Dude Google learns lessons the hard way and it repeats. Oct 2014 - 44k launches Nexus 6 - top of the line specifications to compete With iPhone 6 Plus. After 2 months drops to 40k and after 4 months 28k So after 57k launch they will drop to 37 k in 3 month
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    Budget 10-15K [Comments requested] Moto X Style 3GB+16GB for Rs 15000

    Dude not worth get Zuk Z2 or Mi5 Moto service is pathetic nowadays. You literally have to take coupon for service at 8 a.m. In morning plus they serve only 110 coupons a day. (At least this is in Pune) imho Not worth.