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    WTB LGA 775 motherboard with 4 DDR2 slots required

    Got an Abit IP35-E if required.
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    I want a Mobo+CPU

    Need an Intel E5200 and Abit Ip35-e ?
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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    Prime sent me a shipping declaration and invoice. The problem is me travelling the distance.
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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    I've always preferred DTDC. All this since Prime didn't include a form.
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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    FedEx is trying to weasel out of it. They say it's not their department now, it's sales tax. They actually don't know what to do.
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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    If I give them the form 16 and invoice, will they release it? Or do I still have to pay them 13.5k ?
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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    is there any way to submit the documents without me personally going all the way there?
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    Help with Sales Tax!!

    Hey everyone I recently bought some PC components from PrimeABGB amounting to Rs.44250. They sent it via FedEx and somewhere along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border called Walayar checkpost, it was detained and I got a notice from them stating - "The consignee is not a registered dealer under KVAT &...
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    WTB Motherboard for E8400 C2D (LGA775) processor

    I'll be selling my Abit IP35-E soon. Do inform me if interested.
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    PC Peripherals PSU cable extenders

    Any change in power supply while using exetenders? I do OCing and power loss could be a problem. - - - Updated - - - BTW PrimeABGB doesn't show anything under the NZXT cable accessories. Can you provide a link?
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    PC Peripherals PSU cable extenders

    Hi After getting the HAF-X Nvidia cabinet, I saw that my OCZ StealXstream 600w 8pin CPU connector wasn't long enough to reach the top if routed via the back. Now I've connected it directly, crossing the front of the board. Looks messy. Where can I find some cable extenders? Or should I be...
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    Galaxy S2 stopped working after update to ICS :(

    Strangely a friend of mine updated his new i9100G with ICS via KiesAir and it stopped working in 2 days. Upon taking it to the service centre, he was told to replace the motherboard. Had warranty so free replacement. How does firmware updating screw up a motherboard?
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    Audio Logitech Z 623 Speaker system - no sound: RMA IN

    Had a similar experience with the Logitech speaker replacement with Neoteric systems. Took me nearly 2 months of nagging and phone calls to get the same speakers back with some basic fixing done. They even misplaced the cables and gave me duplicate 3.5mm cables
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    PC Peripherals Full Tower ATX decision

    Got an excellent deal on the HAF-X Nvidia Edition from SMC and went with it. Received it today.'s heavy!! The green's eye catching too.
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    WTB UrGeNt :4 pin molex to 6 pin pcie adapter needed

    I have a new one with me. Pm me with your price.
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    Looking for Electronic Scrap

    I've got a nVIDIA GTS250 that conked out recently. It runs but the display is gibberish. Shows greek and latin. Maybe will work if someone fixes it.
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    WTB CPU + Mobo +Combo

    Interested in an Intel 945G motherboard? Ran outta warranty though.
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    PC Peripherals Full Tower ATX decision

    Plus they're really not that appealing to me. The problem is, I like the Stryker but the I get the feeling that the HAF-X may be more macho & humongous. Which one is more intimidating?
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    PC Peripherals Full Tower ATX decision

    Bottom clearance enough for the air flow?
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    WTB Audio-Technica Over-ear Headphones

    If ever looking for the Ath M-50, send me a PM.