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  1. Dushie

    FS: Desktops High end PC components including monitor and router for sale

    Sent message I am interested in the SSD
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    Oneplus 7 & 7T ( 2019 Launches Thread )

    At this pricing it's better to buy the One Plus 6 at the current pricing and discount offers which are going on. It's a steal.
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    Oneplus 7 & 7T ( 2019 Launches Thread )

    Stopped using one plus after one plus one which I had for nearly 5 years in my family. I found it to be the best of the lot and was really a flagship killer. Post that they just kept increasing the price year on year from one plus 2 onwards and put in Oxygen Os which sucks compared to the...
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    All OS Any Jio Phone user?

    Jio 49 plan only works in Jio phone have been using 1 from over an year. But it has it's own set of issues and cant match up to a Nokia. If you go for any other phone jio plan of 49 will not work.
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    Shop and Ship is now on Techenclave to assist you!

    @cisco_tech why didn't you go the Global ebay route, it would have worked out cheaper and you won't need to worry about duty and stuff. I got mine through that, took over 2 weeks for delivery but did not pay anything more or had to worry about customs.
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    Samsung launches 65-inch curved 4K TV at Rs 4,49,900

    Well 3D on a TV is actually pretty good if setup properly in the right environment and content. Have watched couple of movies at home with the glasses and its awesome. Also currently we are struggling to get HD content locally, 4k is far far away. No use of buying a 4k tv to watch SD content, it...
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    Airtel to hike fixed line broadband rates from April by up to 40 per cent

    Well 3rd party Private operators like hathway, Act, Beam, BBNL are eating into the market share of Airtel, BSNL etc. They are providing faster speeds, better packages and good pricing. Let's see how long the oldies survive.
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    Samsung launches 65-inch curved 4K TV at Rs 4,49,900

    Please google it up, i have read about this many times and have also researched when i was planning to buy a new TV. Please go through below : [A curved screen] effectively requires the owner to sit at a rather precise distance from the...
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    WTB Want Sierra 598u modem

    I have one Sierra 598u, lying around as it is not in use Quote a good price i may sell it off as i am not using BSNL evdo these days.
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    Samsung launches 65-inch curved 4K TV at Rs 4,49,900

    Flat are better, curved Tv's have limited viewing capacity and people from all corners in the room may not get the best view. Only the ones sitting in the middle would get a good view.
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    'This is My Broadband Plan' Thread

    Performance: 95% Uptime. Never faced any major downtime issues, speeds are good and consistent. Pings are very low 10 to 15ms used to do gaming and play CS online on this, never felt any lag or any other issues. As it was an unlimited plan could download as much as i want.
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    BSNL EVDO - have some queries about speed and charges

    Agree with Kuduku, on the same speeds in Bangalore fluctuate a lot, i remember using my 595u in multiple places and there was lot of variation, depending on the time of the day, the no of users, tower location, signal quality and strength. If you are constantly getting above 0.5 Mbps then its...
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    'This is My Broadband Plan' Thread

    Posting my experience of my old service provider Skynet (BBNL Backend) till March and the new one Hathway Docsis 3.0 from April. OLD: ISP: Skynet : BBNL Broadband Area,City: Bangalore, Karnataka Speed and FUP: 10 Mbps & No FUP & Post Fair Usage Speeds: NA Amount inc Taxes: ~1123Rs Current...
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    Hathway introduces ultra high speed internet Plans in South Mumbai

    Got Hathway Docsis 3.0 installed a month back, problem is the FUP is very low.40 GB not working out, though speeds are awesome. Have paid for 3 months, will also try going for the 75 GB FUP plan to see if that suffices. As both upload and download are counted, was always on UL plans so first...
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    FS: Networking Airtel 3G USB Modem E1731

    It is still available,if so let me know.
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    BSNL EVDO - have some queries about speed and charges

    My advice, find a user from your city who can help you get this done. Last year we all got our 595 and 598 to work , most of the steps would be posted in this thread itself if you go back some 20 odd pages . It takes little bit of time, effort and patience to get this done.People here have...
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    BSNL EVDO - have some queries about speed and charges

    These days BSNL is doing lot of publicity for its EVDO connection and the unlimited plan. I have heard their advertisements couple of times on radio in Bangalore. God only knows what will happen to the speed. As there is no investment in infrastructure and upkeep. But they are hellbent in...
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    BSNL EVDO - have some queries about speed and charges

    I disagree, RUIM based connection does work on non_ruim modems. You just need to write the XXX to whatever device you are planning to use. I have a BSNL RUIM sim, which i have tested on multiple non-ruim modems of Sierra. Along with this i have also tested on CDMA phones. Both voice and data...
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    Shopping in Shanghai and Beijing

    Shanghai is very expensive and i would recommend you to stay away from buying any electronic stuff from there. Its only good for buying chinese toys, fake stuff.