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    flipkart hot deals

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    Your Sleeping Pattern?

    11:30 pm to 7:00 am PSU Employee
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    Which engg stream in 2014 and beyond - ECE, CSE, IT or EEE

    Go with EEE, you have 2 streams open here, Electrical & Electronics which gives opportunities to be in almost any domain related to Elect field. Excellent career prospects for EEE engineers especially in PSUs which have a pay revision lined up in 2017. CSE/IT is almost same except few subjects...
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    Money or Peace of Mind ?

    Option B for me right from start of my career, being a Govt employee its always 5 days a week 6 Hrs duty. Total peace of mind till 60. :pompus:
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    Centre may hike Income Tax exemption limit from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh

    Also extra tax should be added on Super Luxurious items like expensive paintings, high end cars, even IPL auctions wherein player gets 5-15 Cr just for 45 days of play
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    Centre may hike Income Tax exemption limit from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh

    Exemption slab from 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs seems improbable. But what could be ideal would be exemption limit of 3 Lakhs & 80C limit of 2 Lakhs. This would encourage people to invest more in savings schemes.
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    Common Scams happpening in India, list the ones you may know

    MLM schemes like RMP are one of the biggest scams which are going unnoticed, I am sure you would have atleast one friend who is an RMP member & would always tell you the AWESOME RMP story. He would try to take you to one these RMP seminars where bunch of other morons would be already getting...
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    Probably got scammed. Need advise on what to do

    Not the typical Delhi MCBC :jimlad:, I shouted on her on how this effing scam runs, she was only listening & moments later I could hear sobs :dead:
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    Probably got scammed. Need advise on what to do

    These folks have pestered me too, each time I have a girl who is apparently a Management Student / Intern calling from Life Care India trust Delhi, each time she read the same script. I asked them not to bother me twice, but yet they kept on calling, finally blasted on her, coaxed her on how...
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    Think before you buy from Snapdeal.

    Even Nikon & Lenovo had put up such warnings.
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    Car & Bike Do you consider Safety features when planning to buy a car ?

    Key Safety features : Airbags (atleast 2 in front), ABS, Seatbelt on all seats. Also there should be a mechanism such that without seatbelt worn the car wont start. I always wondered why Airbags are not compulsory in every car in India.
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    Which courier do you use for shipping electronic goods?

    Speed Post by India Post, reaches anywhere in India with real time tracking right from booking to delivery. Just make sure the parcel is packed properly & be rest assured for the rest. Rates are much lower compared to Blue Dart or Fedex. No volumetric wieght & all only normal weight
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    If you were head of a TV channel for a week...

    Stop marking every news item as BREAKING NEWS
  14. S - horrible customer service

    Just FYI, sunrom, elements14, kitsnspares are some of good sites for such items
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    Anyone has any idea about eBay's refund policy? Victim of an idiotic seller!

    Ebay takes ages for refunding buyer's money, only reason they gave was Standard PaisaPay policies. I bought a laptop battery on 30th April from a reputed power seller, the seller did not ship it within stipulated time hence the refund was initiated on 7th May, then refund was processed on 12th...
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    Storage Solutions Service Center for Verbatim in Mumbai

    Call them on given number. I guess bill wont be a requirement if import date is within 3 years
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    Storage Solutions Service Center for Verbatim in Mumbai

    You have to send the microsd card with bill to the Delhi verbatim address. Call them in advance regarding RMA Also write a letter mentioning what is the problem & your return address. Takes about a month, but you get a brand new RMAed card. Verbatim Marketing India Private Limited 1101...
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    FS: Software Quick Heal Total Security for Android 1 Year Key

    Quick Heal Total Security for Android - 1 User 1 Year Key only Details about product here Key will be sent via Email or PM, Buyer will need to download Quick Heal Total Security app from Playstore. Application will be activated once key is entered.
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    Other HELP - MOTO G Boost Mobile reprogram to Reliance

    Can anyone help me to get a HCC card or HCC code. Not able to find any in Mumbai. Ready to Pay Rs.50 for it.
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    Other HELP - MOTO G Boost Mobile reprogram to Reliance

    No doesn't work on Tata as MEID cant be registered, besides even if MEID is registered getting a data dump is almost impossible. Same is with MTS.