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    FS: Others Decluttering Sale & Giveaways - 1 (Several Items)

    Received the items. Securely packaged and working good. Thank you!
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Clearance Sale (DAC, Atmos speakers, FireTV4k, Gaming &, Ergo mice & more) + giveaway

    Received items. All good. And this certainly deserves a mention: @Santy had mistaken a HDMI cable for a DP cable in his post. And went out of the way to include his own DP cable, just to keep his word.
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    FS: Home Audio Video Musesonic Bluetooth 5.0 receiver

    Apologies for digging up an old thread. Paid for this.
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    WTB Bluetooth Audio Receiver with RCA out

    Thank you. Just decided to go with the Musesonic receiver on offer here - in the belief that it's a fair middle-ground between super-cheap and overkill (for my purposes).
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    WTB Bluetooth Audio Receiver with RCA out

    Require only the receiver functionality. And looking for something cheap.
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    WTB Bluetooth Audio Receiver with RCA out

    Preferably a battery-driven model. Thank you.
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    FS: Others DIY discrete electronic components, Peltier Modules and few tools

    Received the tool. Issue with incompatible die resolved smoothly. All good.
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    Wanted some clarification on IP configuration

    Since is a range reserved for private use, there's no reason why you should not be able to assign IPs this way - as long as you set your netmask correctly (16, in this case). With netmask (or 24), you should be able to use the IP range 192.168.x.0 - 192.168.x.255 With...
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    WTB HDDs under 1TB

    Looking for a few of these. SATA drives only (2.5" or 3.5"). Must not have issues, R/W errors. Kindly PM. Also open to buy new, if available (though unlikely). Would appreciate pointers.
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    Courier Service Feedback

    Delivery boys being over-worked is a fact, but I feel the situation I faced has more to do with a franchisee owner not doing his job (or not doing it well enough). Leaving packages unattended by the roadside and trusting random strangers to do his job is sheer carelessness and aloofness. Not...
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    Courier Service Feedback

    Was sent a couple of HDDs via Trackon Courier, last month. 1. Was shipped from Mumbai to suburban Chennai and got as far as their local delivery office - so far, so good. 2. Tagged as "no service" and returned to sender. No contact from them whatsoever, and no one picking up the phone either...
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    Gift for a 8 year old.

    Rather than getting him something at random, try to find out a bit about their interests and get something appropriate. Having been through the same dilemma, a few suggestions: For the studious, bookwormish types - books (obviously), puzzles. Curious, exploring types - building blocks, DIY...
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    WTB 320GB 3.5" HDDs

    Have had offers for 500GB and probably won't get any for 320GB. So now looking for anything under 1TB - just need 3~4 equal-sized drives. Laptop/2.5" drives will do as well. Need them to experiment with RAID/LVM arrangements. Smaller the better (as long as they are SATA drives).
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    WTB 320GB 3.5" HDDs

    Need at least 2 320GB 3.5" HDDs, preferably WD Caviar Blue. Age, power-on hours do not matter, but drives should be free of R/W errors. Kindly PM. Thank you.
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    FS: Monitor and LCD Crossover 27" QHD/1440p Monitor + Desk-mount stand

    Sold. Picked up in person by a fellow member.
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    FS: Monitor and LCD Crossover 27" QHD/1440p Monitor + Desk-mount stand

    Right. The original seller supposedly bought this in 2014. Also, the monitor does not work with passive HDMI-DVI (with the exception of HDMI output from the Pi, among all the devices I have tried - and that too with poor resolution) or VGA-DVI adapters. Not totally certain why this is, but...
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    FS: Monitor and LCD Crossover 27" QHD/1440p Monitor + Desk-mount stand

    Crossover 27" QHD/1440p monitor. Originally a Korean import acquired from a fellow member just after Covid lockdown. Has only DVI input. Power-on LED does not work. No original stand - including a metal (quite heavy) desk-mount stand. Includes power adapter + DVI-DVI cable. Do not have...
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    Amp replacement for Edifier C2 2.1 speakers

    While possible to identify damaged capacitors (electrolytics) visually - by looking for bulges, ruptures, etc., they can be tricky to troubleshoot. Also, you cannot usually test them in-place, without removing them. And electrolytics deteriorate with time, so it is sometimes a good idea to...