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  1. manohar5321

    WTB High Capacity 18650

    Powerbanks these days come with lipo batteries, I bought a couple of tp link power banks on some website for cheap which had good quality 2600mah LG batteries , not sure if u can still find them though
  2. manohar5321

    FS: MP3 Player Transcend MP350 8GB MP3 Player

    Hi buddy , oh is it , sorry my screen broke and I couldn't make out who it is that is messaging me , bad news buddy , the batteries that arrived are not good quality at all , they don't hold the charge very well and would discharge even if the players were not being used. Apologize that this...
  3. manohar5321

    WTB Need microntrollers for hobby projects

    Hey guys am looking for micro controller boards like arduino and raspberry pi for hobby projects, looking for discounted prices only
  4. manohar5321

    WTB Rechargeable AAA batteries

    How many do u need
  5. manohar5321

    WTB 2.5 inch HDD 500 GB or less

    Have one , let me check and get back , can ship from Hyderabad
  6. manohar5321

    WTB Oneplus 6 display

  7. manohar5321

    WTB Oneplus 6 display

    Looking for a one plus 6 display , the original price for it at service center is about 8k which is too high in my opinion for an old phone. Am willing to pay upto 4k depending on the condition .
  8. manohar5321

    WTB Good quality multimeter under 1k

    hey guys anyone here having a brand new or decently used good quality multimeter and willing to ship to Hyderabad under 1000rs do msg me.
  9. manohar5321

    Sbi mastercard debit card required for Flipkart purc

    Thanks buddy but I got one from another friend, can I reach out to you the next time I need this card.
  10. manohar5321

    Sbi mastercard debit card required for Flipkart purc

    Hey guys can someone here help me with a purchase on Flipkart, my cart is about 3500 rs. Thanks
  11. manohar5321

    WTB Rechargeable batteries AA, AAA, 9V

    Thanks I'll check it out
  12. manohar5321

    WTB Rechargeable batteries AA, AAA, 9V

    Yeah you are right, but I need many and these are just for temporary projects that I work on, so if I can find something like Sanyo eneloop for a fraction of the price it will be awesome. And about the charge cycle and battery health, I trust the great people on this platform won't commit to...
  13. manohar5321

    WTB Rechargeable batteries AA, AAA, 9V

    Hey guys, am looking for rechargeable batteries like the AA, AAA and 9v sizes. Would also be interested in good quality battery charger.
  14. manohar5321

    WTB TWS Earphones

    Are u interested in boat airdopes 441
  15. manohar5321

    WTB Wemos D1 Mini ESP32

    Free bump. I am also looking for any microcontroller or electronics for my projects
  16. manohar5321

    WTB A tablet with 7inch screen and atleast 1.5gb ram

    Got one outside mods can close the thread