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    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Yes, they maintain an active list of logged in devices, so using it beyond one device is going to be a PITA when sharing,
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    smart watch

    Just purchase any of the Chinese OEM rebranded watches going from 1k-5k if you just want something of a smartwatch that works with Android. If you want WearOS itself, then the Galaxy series is a safe bet.
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    Android Playing Android Games on TV

    You need a USB 3.x Type-C port with altDP support if you want to practically use your mobile device with TV. I use my Samsung tablet in hotels, with a small Type-C hub, with or without DeX, when travelling light.
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    FS: Others Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm | Rhinoshield case | Accessories + Bands

    Withdrawing from sale. Was looking to sell it to move on from a smartwatch and not because I have any inclination to update to a newer version. Taking more interest now in tracking workouts, so guess I will keep using it till the hardware dies for good.
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    Video IPL on Hotstar - Heavy Pixellation

    I use it on Chromecast with Google TV and the best part is that their support team keeps asking for "stats for nerds" or whatever the Hotstar equivalent is for any video quality issues, when they have removed it from the Google TV app, which has a completely different UI than the Android TV...
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    18 zero day critical vulnerabilities found in Exynos chips | Samsung, Vivo and Pixels are affected.

    Is it a Jio SIM? If so, the option is disabled by the carrier.
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    English TV series discussion

    Had watched the final episode back in the day within 12 hours of it being broadcast after starting the series sometime during Season 5. Only show I binged watched to finish the finale with the broadcast till date. Also, I didn't want to get into Better Call Saul when it started as I felt it...
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    Alternative aggregators to ShitRocket

    They used to display it within the app, but now they only display the 10% one. Just search for it, all the coupon sites have their own codes for 20% off on Delhivery, so they are just doing the eBay thing now of making savers search for coupons.
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    Alternative aggregators to ShitRocket

    How much cheaper is Delhivery through Shiprocket? Always booked using Delhivery Direct with their regular 20% off coupon and found the rates to be reasonable, with pickups always completed within 24 hours.
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    Router Freedom arrived in greece heres what it mean..

    Double NAT does make life difficult for certain use cases. Moreover, most new ISP routers don't even allow WiFi to be disabled which causes needless interference when I don't want to use their inferior radio. Also, most issues arise at the ISP router during extended uptime.
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    WTB Steam deck However, seems won't be getting the spring sale discount as they can't get the stock now at sale price.
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    WTB Steam deck

    Was thinking of finally getting one. Contacted the online stores about whether they are going to pass on the spring sale discount. If they do so, then it is better to buy it new, especially if you have a SBI card with 5% cashback.
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    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions [NO Price checks]

    It is of course a classic marketing tactic but when posting here, I observed that in certain cases the price would automatically round down to the lower 9 or 0 after entering the amount in the price field. Had to change it back quite a few times, so not sure if it is a bug or a feature of TE.
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    Pixel 6a launched

    No real life experience, but...