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    WTB Cheap Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera

    Around 15k, upto 20k max. I already have a mirrorless camera, need a secondary that can have a lens almost always attached to it.
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    WTB Cheap Canon DSLR or Mirrorless camera

    If you have one and are looking to offload, please let me know.
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    WTB Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM

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    WTB Canon EF 50mm f1.8 STM

    Looking to buy this lens, if you have one to sell, please let me know. Location: Gurgaon
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    FS: Desktops Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Client

    Sold to @imran_chennai .
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    FS: Desktops Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Client

    Bought this from another member some time. Works as it should. It has a Celeron J4105 and is fanless. The price is for the barebones unit, without the RAM and SSD. It includes an after market power adaptor. It has a m.2 slot for SATA SSDs (atleast AFAIK) and another slot for wifi modules. Has...
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    FS: Tablet Fire HD 10 9th Gen

    This was very rarely used. It has a pretty decent screen, and is good for reading online / offline and media consumption. It supports Full HD playback on all the OTT apps I use. It is the 2Gb / 32Gb model, hence not suitable for more demanding tasks. It has been debloated using the tool...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much can I expect for a Fire HD 10 bought in December 2020, very sparingly used, in excellent condition.
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    CPU/Mobo [DISCUSSION] AMD 4700S Desktop Kit

    With only 2 sata ports? The expansion slot will be taken up by the gpu, unless one decides to run it headless.
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    FS: Others Clearance Sale 2 (Giveaways)

    Here are the members I have decided to give the items to: 1. CM Hyper 212 Plus : @hzant6681 2. SP1 Bluetooth Speaker : @ind13n 3. TP Link 725N USB Wifi Adaptor : @JMak 4. QCY TWS earphones : @kvn95ss 5. Sony WI - C200 Bluetooth earphones : @buzz88 6. Dynet 4Gb 1333 DDR3 RAM stick x 2 ...
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    Need help sourcing a battery for Thinkpad T450

    I did buy a aftermarket battery for the t450 a couple of years ago. Now it can barely hold charge for a few minutes. I dont even use it much, still it is in such state.
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    FS: Others Clearance Sale 2 (Giveaways)

    Sorry for the delay, will select members tonight.
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    FS: Mobile iPhone SE (2020) Red 64 GB

    Sent PM yesterday, but got no response.
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    Need help sourcing a battery for Thinkpad T450

    But none of these are lenovo batteries as far as I can tell. Do batteries like these work fine?
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    WTB Thinkpad T450 battery

    Looking to buy the battery for my thinkpad T450. If you know where I can source one for a reasonable price, that would be very helpful too. Cheers. :)
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    FS: Others Clearance Sale 2 (Giveaways)

    1. CM Hyper 212 Plus It is from 2010, and supports older style Intel and AMD sockets. No support for the latest Intel or Ryzen sockets. Last I used it was with a 3rd gen Intel machine about half a decade ago. Works as it should, and comes with everything needed to start using it. It is generally...
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    Need help sourcing a battery for Thinkpad T450

    I have a Thinkpad T450 with a 5th gen i5 that works just fine, but the battery is completely shot and cannot hold charge even for a few minutes. I have a desktop with decent specs, a few usff systems that host all the apps that I need and a work provided powerful macbook pro 16. So the only use...
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    FS: Others Clearance Sale (Giveaways)

    I would like you to forward the other card to @JMak . He is a good friend of mine, and happens to the guy who actually ordered both of these for me years ago. His kid’s laptop can also use an upgrade. I do, will be cleaning out more stuff tomorrow, might create another thread. Keep an eye.
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    Seagate Exos x16 12TB | Exos x18 18TB | KIOXIA 1TB Nvme SSD

    The drive is working perfectly. Thanks for the deal @PradUp .
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice HEXGEARS GK707, LOGITECH K480, XTRFY M4 RGB MOUSE

    Got the Hexgears keyboard a couple of days ago. It is working as expected. Leaving feedback now.