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    One License User Key For Norton Internet Security 2010

    I have Genuine UNUSED Windows 7 Professional/ Ultimate (x86/x64) & Office 2010 Pro Plus (x86/x64) Keys, once you have genuine windows, you can install Microsoft Security Essentials, which is absolutely FREE and as good as any other security application. Do let me know if anyone need it.
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    CoolerMaster extreme Power Plus 500w PSU

    PM me your take it or leave price, considering a fact that a CM600 with 5 months warranty remaining getting sold in another thread for few bucks more than you are expecting
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    Coolermaster 600w Extreme for Rs.1800 in warranty

    PM your take it or leave it price.
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    Hauppauge WinTV PVR-500 Media Center Edition Kit

    You'd hardly need the CD as the drivers are available online from Hauppauge, to run it with WMC, you dont even need drivers from Hauppauge as Windows itself download and install drivers as part of windows updates. If you still need them, then I will include WinTV driver & software disk that...
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    Microsoft LifeCam Studio

    any taker for this beautiful piece of imaging..????
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    Mega Sale

    Weekly bump
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    Mega Sale

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    Hauppauge WinTV PVR-500 Media Center Edition Kit

    This kit has UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL, which means you can configure the remote to control almost any device, mostly TVs and I dont think any other manufacturer provided this feature, I have Hauppauge original MCE kit and this function is not available in that kit.
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    Mega Sale

    weekly bump
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    Microsoft LifeCam Studio

    Up for sale is Microsoft LifeCam Studio, it was gifted by my niece who bought it from the USA about 2 weeks back, absolutely UNUSED, only opened the box once then had it packed back as I dont need it. Its Full HD (1080p) 8 Mega Pixel stunning webcam from Microsoft. I guess it still needs to be...
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    Patriot Warp V2 32GB x 2 SSD

    PM me your final price.
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    LINKSYS wireless-N Home ADSL2+MODEM Router.

    Received the router, would configure tomorrow. Thanks buddy.
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    Mega Sale

    Another bump for the remaining items.