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    FS: Mobile Nokia 8 Tempered blue [ SOLD ]

    Apologies -- the GF doesn't want this any more, and I've been unable to prevail in my arguments :(
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    FS: Mobile Nokia 8 Tempered blue [ SOLD ]

    Is this still available, OP?Is this still available, OP?
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    WTB Need Window 7 Ultimate license for charity

    I could just give them the Win7 Professional key I have lying around, since I don't use Windows any more. But I'm trying to avoid having to run a re-install, and also to allow them to keep Ultimate somehow (even though they don't really use BitLocker or any other Ultimate feature, and would in...
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    WTB Need Window 7 Ultimate license for charity

    Does anyone have a legitimate Windows 7 Ultimate license lying unused or that they're looking to give away? A non-profit/charitable organisation I'm helping out needs one license. Unfortunately, they were conned into buying a counterfeit license from one of the many dodgy online "authorised...
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    Nokia N8 fire sale?

    Check out the unlocked N8 on Amazon UK. It's listed at £290, with used ones starting from as low as £160!! My C7 was recently stolen, so was looking around for a quick replacement and this hit the sweet spot (I actually found a seller who'd listed a brand new one for £200 - awesome!)...
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    Getting kindle from amazon store.

    Thread bump with doubt: Did your friend have any issues at customs when carrying the Kindle through?
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    Google Nexus S is out

    Best Buy Mobile® Partners With Google to Exclusively Launch Nexus S Smart Phone – Best Buy's blog says so. Also, IIRC, same price as Nexus One when it launched about a year back..?
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    Google Nexus S is out

    I'm not sure why this is not possible on the Best Buy site as of now, but I can pre-order the phone in the UK right now, and pick it up peacefully from a Carphone Warehouse when it gets released. None of that "camping out al night in line" tedium for me!
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    Google Nexus S is out

    I'm in the UK (returning to Bangalore next week), but there's not a chance in hell I'm buying the unlocked one here. Or the contract one also, FWIW. UK price - £550, which works out to about $865 US price - $529 So yeah, $330 more?! Wtf? I can buy a pretty nice low-end Android for that...
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    Application to use Mobile Camera as WebCam

    How about these other two? 1) SmartCam - Dunno what platform a 2730c runs, but this one has Symbian and J2ME versions. 2) BlueCam - Also has a J2ME thing. Both above require Bluetooth on your phone. Apart from these there is always WWIGO, which seems to be the popular alternative to Mobiola...
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    Best media player app for HD lcd 1366*768 laptop ?

    Hey, also, a resolution of 1366x768 for a 15.6" widescreen is pretty low, imho. I have two laptops - one 14" (Lenovo - work) and one 15.4" (Dell - personal). The 14" Lenovo runs at its max resolution of 1366x768, and even then the quality of single-CD DVDrips is pretty shabby, so had to switch...
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    Sodexo Meal Vouchers

    Sorry, just to help me understand - who would sell Sodexo vouchers at a discounted rate? IMHO the only ways these might happen are: 1) Expired vouchers :p 2) Stolen ones..
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    Premium HDMI gold plated 1.5m cable new and unused

    Free bump and reminder to swastik - check your PM!
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    ADSL Splitter

    Try asking your local telco technician (chap who comes when you complain about DSL not working etc), mate. They don't give these away 'officially', all under the table wonly.
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    ADSL Splitter

    Dude, I'm fairly sure you can ask your local telephone wiring chap to give you one for some chai-pani types. (assuming your place has DSL connectivity, but why would you need the splitter if it didn't..?) BSNL/MTNL/Airtel keep thousands of these things in stock and their technicians always...
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    Need a way to password protect USB ports.

    Confirm this. My earlier workplace disabled the data storage functionality alone, so printers and bluetooth devices still worked.
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    Video converter software

    +1 for MediaCoder. Also, this thread has more options..
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    The Goodbye India Sale

    Crap. Me too in line to PATA casing...
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    playvix player help.

    @avi_avadhut: Dude, fake file, probably infected with some sort of trojan/malware/virus/whatever. Folks, if a media file you downloaded doesn't play with none of these 3 (Windows Media Player, KMPlayer/VLC, Media Player Classic that comes with popular codec packs) and in fact ASKS you to...