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    Counter Strike 2

    Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back in.
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    Flipkart deals

    Third floor.
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    Flipkart deals

    Recommend a cooler on sale guys? Around 10k. For bedroom. Its dry heat (Delhi) area if that helps.
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    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions [NO Price checks]

    Selling women products on a website whose clientele is almost exclusively single men is a strategy I guess.
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    Need full grain leather belt with some amazing funky clips as such shown

    Are you wearing this on a dare? Lost bet?
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    Adani group, an Evil corp?

    I just want to say to everyone here who is bulk buying Adani stock that when you become filthy rich, I always believed in you and I could really use a 4090. And a LG OLED. Cause you are all buying it with every spare nickel you can find. Right? lol
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    Computer speaker advice

    I cannot believe Swans M10 are still being made. That is bananas. I swear I remember someone recommending this like 15 years ago or something on this forum itself lol.
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    Adani group, an Evil corp?

    Imagine spending your free time defending a mutlibillion dollar corporation cause they are bankrolling a political party that you like. Either one of those things would be sad as hell as a stand alone. Put together? I cant even.... lol
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    Speaker repair in New Delhi?

    So I have a Logitech Z623 pair of speakers that I really like. But they are out of warranty. And the subwoofer has died. I really would like to get them repaired rather than buy a new pair. Does anyone know of a shop in New Delhi (preferably South Delhi) that can do that?
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    Totally not fake. Definitely real.
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    Adani group, an Evil corp?

    I am dying at Can ED raid Hinderburg. Holy **** lol.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Kodi plays anything I throw at it. Its like VLC except MUCH better.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Its a great second console. Mostly because of game pass but also because it can run KODI and read any media off an external drive.
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    [Fixed] IRCTC forcing users to use the AI booking system 'Ask Disha' ... and it sucks.

    Actually the more likely scenario is some Ministers son/daughter/nephew/niece/whatever owns a software company and wanted a government contract. For what? Doesnt matter. Might as well make this.
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    No snark, it is the best FPS campaign since Halo 3. Buy it if you havent played it. The MP was amazing too but thats dead, you can always hop on Apex Legends for something similar though.
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    Yeah, I meant Smart Watches.
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    What watch are you wearing today???

    I dont get posting digital watches. At that point, you might as well be posting a phone wallpaper cause that is what it is. :P
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    I got scammed by a seller on TE

    It is actually hilarious that he is saying this like any sane person will believe it. There is not a courier company in the world that will market the item as Customer Refused Delivery. AND STILL let the receiver take the package. Open it. Swap the item. Seal it. Take it back and deliver it to...
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    Depends on your usage really. Is it 75% TV and 25% Monitor? Other way around? 50-50? Unless 75% of your usage is TV based, I would say not. The other problem is like others have said, 1080p on a 32" would look awful. You could get a 4k 43" TV for 25k ish but you will need a really good PC to...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    The 27 inch is IPS. The 32 inch is VA. I dont have the same monitors to compare but I did have the 24 inch version of the 32 inch VA you are looking at and I have the 27 inch version of the IPS (only its Dell but AFAIK it uses the same IPS panel) and the difference is actually insane. The IPS...