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    Budget 71-90K Home Virtualization lab

    You dont need any manageable switch for vmotion. For learning purpose, you can even simulate vmotion between two or 3 hosts inside a single worstation, and even the datastore can be on the same workstation environment, using openfiler/freenas. But for a proper learning, go for multiple mid...
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    Budget 71-90K Home Virtualization lab

    Hi, you are going to buy the rig for learning/training right? Then why spend more for the highest end CPU like 8350 ? You will need a minimum of 3 to 4 host machines to learn many features like DRS/FT properly, not an overly powerful single host. SO get 3 to 4 mid end bulldozer quad cores...
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    Storage Solutions Operating portable 2.5" HDD within pouch – Advisable ?

    most of the external hdd, especially the 2.5" ones doesnt heat up and its safe to use inside pouch. Just to make sure, use inside the pouch for around 1 hour, and immediately take it out without shaking it much and without disconnecting and see if its hot. MY verbatim 1tb usb3 and iomega 500gb...
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    DDNS, The Easy Way.

    Nice dude. I started a thread asking for free dysns or ddns about 2 years ago, and got good reply, and finally went for a static IP connection. Good to know things have changed and good free ddns providers are there for us. The service provided by Asus' ddns service, ie was shit and...
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    Buffalo Cloudstor 2-Bay NAS with torrent client

    naah, the OS would be in a flash device, even for low end ready made NAS. @varkey does it have NFS, and ISCSI target support? couldnt find it elsewhere. Then i might be interested as well.
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    Belkin N600 router at 813/- at Flipkart!

    mine too i was dreaming of myself with two belkin routers... all in vain
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    Belkin N600 router at 813/- at Flipkart!

    N600>N300>N150. This is a dual band N600, the best wireless standard out there (N750 isnt that common as of yet).
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    Theitwarescom - Reliability?

    Once I mistakenly recommened itwares to my friend to buy a PSU, Seasonic 630 one. Price was ok, and so bought it right away. But it came DOA, and when we called up rahul, he started acting rude. He said, DOA is not his mistake, and for honoring DOA replacement, the unit needs to be shipped back...
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    laptop for hd movie under 25k

    Go for Asus X53TA. Has AMD quad core, ATI HD 6650 GPU with 1GB ddr3, hdmi, usb 3.0, 15.6" screen, 6 cell, DOS, 500GB etc @ just 27k. In games, it beats my friends Sony lappy with i5 SB and HD 6630 which cost him 54k. You cant ask more for 27k, than whats on X53TA.
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    CPU/Mobo Need cheapest Intel C2D/AMD CPU+Mobo under 6k

    AMD Athlon II X2 265: 3.1k Asus M4A78T-MLE : 2.8k
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    Storage Solutions HDD Price ... coming down ...!

    Maybe there would be some superstition there against BIG BAD Magnetic Disks from the Chinese myths
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    Storage Solutions HDD Price ... coming down ...!

    Wonder why the Chineese aren't making any el'cheapo HDDs taking advantage of the situation. Hdd technology isnt something too much for them, as they are already making flash memories/tablets etc with decent enough technologies. Atleast that would tecah the so called two mega brands , ie SB and...
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    GSkill RipJawsX 16GB (2x 8GB) 1600MHz CL10 RAM @1632/-

    Thank GOD, i got my 4x4 vengeance at 2600/- on the black friday deal from the US. First i was shocked to see the thread title, Hope they will price the same at around ~4k, even then it would be good deal, and i would go for one kit for sure if < 5k. Currently 16GB ram is throttling many of my needs.
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    Help me buy a front loading washing machine for 30k

    Godreg Eon 5.5 L angled front loading machine is good. Have been using it for past few months, and is completely satisfied. its some 27k if i remember.
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    Graphic Cards Is Biostar 8400GT better than Integrated 4200 HD?

    8400GT should be slightly better, but if it was 8400GS, then they would be almost similar matched. And there is no way to combine the power of both are both are from different stables.
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    Split Air Conditioner under 15K (Not 1 penny more i.e 15K is max)

    You sure they are 5* ? Anyone using Onida? How are they?
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    Setting up DHCP in Two Linksys Routers

    then use dhcp forewarder, if your router doesn't support AP mode.
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    Setting up DHCP in Two Linksys Routers

    two active dhcp server on same physical network can cause undesired results. There are some and that needs to be answered before properly giving a solution. * why are you employing two routers. Are they both connected to different internet modems ? *There is no point in using two routers if...
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    Panasonic Lumix FZ150

    nice shots there.