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    Budget 10-15K Samsung Vs the rest of the world

    i wud suggest moto g 2nd gen for 13 k . imo its the best phone in the market for the price and comes close to nexus like experience with no bloatware or samsung, sony, htc shitty touch wiz interfaces on top of it . i got myself one with the flipkart exchange offer for 10 k , killer deal. phone...
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    FS: Photography fuji av100 with 2x sanyo eneloop batteries plus charger, and guess watches

    1. fuji av 100 p&s camera 12 mp with 3x optical zoom with box and accesories including case, 4gb memory card plus sanyo eneloop charger plus 2 eneloop batteries 2000 mAh , plus kodak charger and 2 kodak rechargeable batteries. the sanyo charger doesnt work, it never worked from day one, never...
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    FS: Others jabra freeway car bluetooth handsfree

    jabra freewway car bluetooth sparingly used good battery standby time of 8-10 days with actual usage of 3-4 days without charging, as good as new, purchased a year back for my fiesta which i sold now my new car has inbuilt bluetooth so i dont need it price : 4500 +shipping
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    FS: Storage Hardware 2 x 500 gb seagtae hdd sata

    selling 2 x 500 gb 7200 rpm seagate hdd's sata interface in proper working condition, no problem watsoever sold my desktop already so dont need these anymore price 1500 shipped for each 2750 shipped for combo pack
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    FS: Video Card HD5450 radeon and ASUS xonar dg sound card

    i m selling my graphic card hd3450 purchased in april 2014 very less used as i used my desktop scarcily since last year (now sold ). so selling this i have all the bills and the box another is the asus xonar dg sound card bought in january 2015 so basically its not used at all asking price...
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    WTB 1 TB laptop internal hard drive

    well i am looking for 1 TB laptop internal hard drive 0- brand new or even slightly old i am not able to source it from anywhere as of now , can anyone direct me from where i can get it thanks!!
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    WTB Note 1 or SGS3 or Galaxy Nexus.

    well i have a galaxy nexus approx 1.5 months old in absolute mint condition , how much can i expect , if i get a good price , i may sell it!!
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    English TV series discussion

    i watched both the seasons of game of thrones in 2 days, OMG! wat a serial it was , never seen anything like that , eagerly waiting for the season 3 to unfold, now starting with breaking bad :P
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    Samsung Google Nexus Pime (GNEX)

    this is the best price to get gnex for as of now, congrats :)
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    finally did it , its now 4.1.1 :)
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    it has to be done in fast boot mode or in android? and where is this folder" put_google_factory_image_here" cant find it , is it in the tool kit or in the phone?
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    i have rooted and unlocked my phone ,copied the JB image in my downloads folder, then booted the fone in fastboot with rom manager and tried to flash rom , but that file is not being shown in my downloads folder , it shows no files , so i am not able to update to JB ,please help, thanks
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    how do i know if my phone is with or without wallet - - - Updated - - - my phone's Build Number is IMM76K. AnDroid version 4.0.4
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    ^ ok , thanks , shud i download with google wallet or without it ?? also please tell me from where to get" volume +" app for free , its paid in google market
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    finally got my google nexus yesterday , its so huge, loving it , but i dont know how to update it to jelly bean i have read the tutorials but i am scared of bricking the phone :P
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    ^ ok , even i have ordered this from ebay, its in transit , wud be by first android and first touch phone , still using E71 since 2008 :P
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    [REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Nexus(Nexus Prime)

    great review, since u have used ur phone for almost 3 months now , can u please update about the volume and other network issues that this device is said to be suffering from when i read its reviews