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  1. raksrules

    Budget 20-25K buying apple phone /apple watch from cellbuddy

    @girish925 They have shop in Malad off Link road somewhere. DO NOT BUUY from them. They are scammers. Don't go by lucarative ads on youtube and all. Sab chor hai. Buy original if you can or some member here.
  2. raksrules

    Streaming Music Sharing Groups on TE ?

    Anyone has one slot in Spotify family plan?
  3. raksrules

    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    One slot available from July 2023. I am leaving the group I am part of as I and anyone else in my home rarely uses Netflix. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  4. raksrules

    Queries related to passport

    So Annexure D is only to be submitted if one parent is visiting? I will anyways take annexure D to be on safe side. As far as names of spouse is concerned, both of us have each other's names in our passports. I guess in that case, marriage certificate may not be needed. I will obviously still...
  5. raksrules

    Queries related to passport

    Few questions as I have to renew my and my minor son's passport. 1. How can we both get appointment together? 2. For my son's passport, does my wife too need to be with us? Asking this since last time when it was to be applied for my younger one, and my wife alone went, they asked me to be...
  6. raksrules

    Netflix crackdown is coming

    I have one issue with popcorn time on my Firestick. The apps expects free space on my firestick equal to the size of torrent. I know how popcorntime works but the ask is ridiculous. Contrary to that, stremio with addons which also streams from torrents doesn't have any such requirement.
  7. raksrules

    Any way to make Amazon MiniTV work on iPad / Tablet?

    Which part didn't work?
  8. raksrules

    FS: Tablet iPad Mini 6 64gb wifi

    Before it gets locked, I own iPad Mini 6 and absolutely love the portability. I don't see the jelly scroll issue and the format factor is really good for me. I previously used the regular iPad and it was too big for me.
  9. raksrules

    Which hotspot device to buy?

    Need to buy a hotspot device. I would love a 5G one but I think that is not even available so will have to do with 4G. I am also contemplating 5G phone but I know those would cost upwards of 10K. I can use my iPhone 13 for hotspot but for extended hours, it will kill the battery and I don't want...
  10. raksrules

    User Review Samsung Level U Bluetooth Earphones

    Sorry for late reply. I don't use them for any workout or even music. They are strictly for work. I have those tips with those little raised things (not sure what they are called) so they stay very well. I got them separate from amazon long back.
  11. raksrules

    Suggest a 3L Instant Water Geyser / Heater

    The bajaj flora is holding up sell. It provides water that is enough hot for shower for me (i tend to like more hot water) and for my kids we have to mix little cold water to get adequate temperature. Basically it is serving its purpose.
  12. raksrules

    Any good Teams Compatible bluetooth headset with mute button?

    Bumping this thread in case something may have come new which I am not aware of.
  13. raksrules

    Suggest car vacuum cleaner

    My car gets washed daily from outside as watchman does it. I will check shops like you mentioned and see how much they charge. For something to be done once a month or so, the price Is good. Won't be bothering with cheap useless vacuum (nor with good expensive ones).
  14. raksrules

    Suggest car vacuum cleaner

    Checked dyson V8 on amazon and it is 30K wow. I see there are clones too for half the price, no clue how they are really though.
  15. raksrules

    Suggest car vacuum cleaner

    Is this any good? XECH Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery Cordless Hand Vacuum 80W Motor 6000pa Suction (V-Gun) I saw in beebom video so just thought of asking here. Which model of Dyson specifically. Ironically I never got Dyson even when I was in US...
  16. raksrules

    Suggest car vacuum cleaner

    Mine is very old building so all those options aren't there. I will check if the common area below where all meters are installed has an outlet or not. If there is, I can make use of that outlet.
  17. raksrules

    Suggest car vacuum cleaner

    No. I stay on 3rd floor and there is no way to connect to AC power so cordless is only option.
  18. raksrules

    Suggest car vacuum cleaner

    Looking to buy a car vacuum cleaner. Long back I have used those wired ones which are powered by the car's 12v power socket. I feel those are under powered and mostly useless. I see on amazon now there are many options, many cordless ones which claim to be high powered but when you see reviews...
  19. raksrules

    Need help planning Dubai Trip

    I was planning to make a post for this exclusively. But yes it was super useful and I had exactly 0 issues with it. I used to load my Niyo account a night before with say 50K or so and spend whatever is required next day. I used niyo exclusively wherever I could except where cash was only...
  20. raksrules

    The Lego (and Knockoffs) Thread

    Made the Dubai Architecture set today. Looks small but took lot of effort and time due to small pieces. My 8 year old ditched me in middle and I had to continue making entire set. @?dOuBtFiRe? I got the Dubai architecture from a shop (Borders) in Dubai Mall (for 215 AED). The same set was...