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    Graphic Cards Will GPUs with 8GB of Vram struggle to run upcoming games?

    Frame generation is a scam. It actually degrades input latency. So basically compared to the DLSS 2.0 or native image, you are getting worse input lag which will make the game feel worse than DLSS 2.0
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Not deliverable
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    Budget 31-40k Help me decide between 4K and 144Hz monitors

    For 4k/144 you need something that supports HDMI 2.1 or Displayport 1.4 which is only found on dedicated cards of the NVIDIA 3000 series or higher and AMD 6000 series or higher.. For 4k60, any HDMI works including motherboard of recent years (2020+) works.
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    Budget 31-40k Help me decide between 4K and 144Hz monitors

    Samsung Odyssey 4k 28" is a great 4k/144 display around 40k. I use it with a 3090. Once you use 4k, you can't go back to 2k.
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    FS: Processor i7 2600K + MSI Z68 + 16GB Ram + Asus Xonar DG Sound Card

    Fine with me. Pls send details for payment. BTW I hope you have the IO shield. I don't see it in the pic.
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    FS: Processor i7 2600K + MSI Z68 + 16GB Ram + Asus Xonar DG Sound Card

    Interested in the cpu/board/ram for a retro pc. Don't need the sound card as I have 3 xonars sitting unused. How much for those?
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    Graphic Cards IGPU for Desktop | DGPU for Gaming

    Easier would be to buy a nuc for all non gaming use. Buy something with an i3 processor. Connect this to the second input of your monitor and have a cheap mechanical usb switcher for input.
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    Ink tank vs Laser?

    B&W Lasers are zero maintenance. My brother laser has been working forever. Print costs are pretty low too - 2k for a genuine toner cartridge that prints 3000 pages. Inkjets/Ink Tank printers are always more trouble than you need if you print high volumes.
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    Flipkart deals

    Its too new a cpu for such things to happen. I personally ordered a 12400F when it launched for 12k from flipkart and received a genuine chip. Everyone else was selling it for 16-17k. Most of this nonsense is done either by buyers who returned the cpu or delivery agents.
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    Flipkart deals

    Its their main official seller - retailnet so chances of a fake are unlikely.
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    Flipkart deals 22.5k for 13600kf - a just released CPU. Killer deal.
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    Intel 13th Generation ‘Raptor Lake’ CPU Lineup

    It's there at the bottom - 4c/8t parts with just 4 p cores.
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    Windows Tried Windows 10 (it's awesome). Should i go for windows 11 on new PC?

    Depends on the cpu you are running. Windows 11 is the only choice for Intel 12th/13th gen CPUs and Ryzen 7000 CPUs. For older CPUs, 10 is fine and probably the preferred option.
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    Nvidia 4000 series cards

    Why are people still buying this fire hazard of a card. Makes no sense.
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    Nvidia 4000 series cards

    Seems like it is an issue with the dongle that NVIDIA is supplying. Bad quality control on it.
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    Nvidia 4000 series cards

    I will happily swap my 3090 for your 4090. Win win for both :-P
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    Suggestion for 60L or above OTG required

    If you want a good quality oven, buy a built in Bosch, Siemens or Miele. All cost a good chunk of money but last almost forever. For toasting bread, buy a panini grill.
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    Windows GeForce 522.25 drivers boosting DX12 performance for 30 series cards

    Yep improved driver overhead issue in DX12.
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    Intel Arc GPUs

    The hardware is there for Arc but sw still needs a ton of work. Also at those prices it will sit on shelves. The 770 should be priced at what the 750 is priced at in India and 750 should be priced at rx 6600 levels.