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    YouTube search is really frustrating and absolutely useless

    When you are searching for anything on YouTube, be it through desktop or mobile, use "-" (without quotes) followed by your defined category, to eliminate that category of Youtubers from your search results. For instance, if you are searching Samsung A34 on Youtube and you do not want videos...

    Rog ally launched at 699 usd

    No one in their right minds should buy the ROG Ally. The ROG Ally isn't a handheld console. It is a PC, shrunken to a handheld size. As a result, you do not get any quality of life upgrades. For instance, the major area where the Steam Deck flourishes is its quick resume. You can jump in and...

    PC Peripherals Which headphone to import from US?

    I would suggest you to spend the lion's share of your budget on the headphones (80-90%). Think about the headphones first. DACs/AMPs should come into the picture much later. Since your usage involves both gaming and music/movies, look at headphones that provide the best imaging, because that is...

    Budget 10-15K Android Smartphone Phone with good battery life (12K - 17K)

    Yes. On Flipkart, you can claim credit using the same email address. Just enter the GSTIN and company name during checkout by checking GST Invoice. However, for Amazon Business, you will require a separate email address than your regular Amazon account (preferably your work email), for creating...

    Budget 10-15K Android Smartphone Phone with good battery life (12K - 17K)

    When using Flipkart, click on GST Invoice during checkout. For Amazon, you need to make a separate business account to make business-related purchases.

    Budget 10-15K Android Smartphone Phone with good battery life (12K - 17K)

    Exynos and good-battery life does not go hand-in-hand. Hence, avoid any Exynos-oriented chipset (such as Samsung F14/A14/M14) like plague if your primary criteria is good battery life. Instead, take a look at the Samsung F23 5G 6GB/128GB. Comes with a Snapdragon 750G chipset, so you can enjoy...

    Android Google Pay reset to default automatically ?

    Been facing the same issue recently. Seems like a bug on GPay's end because force-closing and launching GPay again solves the issue.

    Nearby Share (Airdrop) For Windows (BETA)

    Haven't seen much discussion about this here, but apparently Nearby Share has now become a game changer with its release on Windows. Even though the app is still in beta stage, the functionality is pretty fantastic. Here's Rupesh from Beebom having a go at it: You can download the Windows beta...

    Kape technologies owns major VPN's

    This was before the Swiss Court ruling that email service providers do not have to comply with data retention laws: The laws have changed and Proton Mail is in the exception now. You can read more about it here...

    Kape technologies owns major VPN's

    Add to that list is Nord VPN and Surfshark. Nord VPN's data breach have shown that you cannot trust their security. And Surfshark's HQ is based in Netherlands, which is a part of the Nine Eyes Jurisdiction, meaning that your privacy is in for a toss. That's why, I always suggest people to...

    Why do some iPhone users forcefully also carry an Android phone?

    My entire post is about information security researchers and bug bounty programs related to Apple was to highlight the single fact - how Apple is seen as a company in the field of independent security. When you preach user security and privacy on a global scale, and then instead treat the...

    Why do some iPhone users forcefully also carry an Android phone?

    Let's not move away further from the truth. You'd expect a company that advertises security and privacy of their users for a most part of the last 10 years, would also value the effort and time of white-hat ethical hackers and security researchers. Instead, that is not quite the case. Apple...

    UPI Merchant Transactions Over ₹2,000 To Carry Charge Of 1.1% From April 1, 2023

    Let's not move away further from the truth. UPI was Dr Raghuram Rajan's brainchild. And its governing body (NPCI) created UPI's vision during the UPA-II era (2012). Thus, the current government had nothing to do with UPI existence.

    Nvidia 4000 series cards

    What the review does not mention that TLOU Part 1 on PC is a piece of trash. It is worse in terms of optimisation than Arkham Knight, and that is saying something. Fact is, a reviewer shouldn't use one of the worst PC ports in the last 5-10 years, to mislead users that games need more VRAM at...

    Budget 30-40k Is buying a demo phone a good idea?

    Ask your friend to avoid buying demo phones. This is because the batteries of demo phones get the most hit because they always stay connected to the charger. Since S22 already has a crap battery life because of the 8 Gen 1 chipset / Exynos 2200, being a demo unit will mean further decrease of...

    Mechanical Keyboard Switch Recommendation

    The screenshot isn't from Meckeys. Actually, Meckeys do not even disclose if Ink V2 Black is factory-lubed. Gateron's own website mentions that the V2 Black, Red, and Yellow come factory-lubed. Only the the Ink V2 Blue comes unlubed.

    Mechanical Keyboard Switch Recommendation

    Also, just ignore my comment. Will be better for me.

    Mechanical Keyboard Switch Recommendation

    Tactile/linear isn't as black/white as you make it sound to be. I can see that he has already tried the RK Reds, and didn't like it because of the low-actuation force. The Gateron Black fixes that. And at 20 INR per piece (thereby fitting his budget), it's an absolute steal.

    Mechanical Keyboard Switch Recommendation

    Get the Gateron Black: 60g actuation and will be miles better than the RK Red you used before. I have used Gateron Yellow (50g) and even though they do not come factory-lubed like the Gateron...

    Counter Strike 2

    No anti-cheat solution works properly on Linux, and since Valve is a big supporter of Linux (including Steam Deck), it would be infinitely better if Valve can stick to their in-house solutions. In that way, Valve will not be at the mercy of third-party anti-cheat solutions for updates and...