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    Windows New pc keeps restarting with blue screen and crashing

    Did you analyzed the crash dump files?? This could be more of a driver conflict.. you can download "who crashed" or windbg, utility and find out which driver is causing this issue. If you are getting checked out to blue screen while booting then try "safe mode" and and see if you can rollback...
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop from Malaysia

    GIGABYTE G5 KD-52IN123SE with 15.6" FHD 144Hz, Intel 11th Gen i5-11400H,Nvidia RTX 3060 6G Gaming Laptop (16GB DDR4 Memory/Windows 11 Home/64bit + Office 365 / Gen4 512 GB SSD Black) Something similar should help you.. you can get this and few such from Amazon India...
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop from Malaysia

    Do you have any preference over the GPU? Like 3050/3060/3070?
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop from Malaysia

    Yes, this could be one of workaround for op
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop from Malaysia

    Did u tried here in India first? You need to pay import duty fees which could be 40% of your item value, this is excluding the custom clearance hussles
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    Front loading or top loading washing machine?

    Talking only for the fridge, a 190L will max draw ~150-220W of power. or even less. You may expect compression to be working for 30% of the total time only which will draw max current. overall, refrigerators consume very less power.. 6 Amp socket shall be fine, and should hold good till 220L...
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    Nintendo Switch (pro/super) variant has been cancelled (apparently) as per Digital Foundry

    It's kind of true.. there are players who owns Nintendo consoles and they are happy with it.. few owes PS5/Xbox and they are fine with that.. it just whichever works good for individuals... I have no hardthoughts about switch or Nintendo.. just few of the things which i have shared.. i still, am...
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    Steam Deck is official

    GOW crash is mostly due to memory leak issue. I have seen the ram usage slowly increases to >12.5 gb and then crashes at one point around 14 GB Did u tried the 40/40( 40Hz/40FPS) cap for GOW?? you can also try reducing "texture quality" to low. These all options free up some ram. Another fix...
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    5G dongle suggestions

    We haven't any as of yet.. there are few - imported 5G dongle which i saw in, but they are way more overpriced and I'm not sure if they support Airtel/jio 5G sim.. 5G network, itself will take some time to stabilize and launch everywhere in India.. you might be better deal with 4G for now.
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    Nintendo Switch (pro/super) variant has been cancelled (apparently) as per Digital Foundry

    any changes in hardware, even it is a stubble in nature would mean amendment to production line process, change in BOM(bill of material), change in hardware based intrinsic factors, etc. etc. it's fine when you see these changes from few units perspective, but when you calculate for 3K-5K units...
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    Is it possible to allocate actual Ram as VRAM for a GPU?

    Vram is always going to slow if loaned from DDR ram. Also, the shader decryption during gaming will increase cpu clock execution .. this is nothing, but it just stress the cpu.. 3080ti, has its on vram.. that shall be good enough for your need(single user).. although, I'm not sure if you have...
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    Steam Deck is official

    I have used Mx2games to purchase switch OLED.. Experience was great, shipment was very prompt.
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    Budget 31-40k Laptop for Mrs

    Hi, i assume you brought this from Amazon usa to India( import)? Were customs being a hassle?? I see that Amazon is charging $176.65 as import+ handling fees.. this is just half of the item price.
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    Anyone know about ?

    You atleast got something.. mine never arrived.. fortunately, i only ordered some headphones which costed few grands.. no response from them, no refund,no whereabouts.. nothing.. it's being 7 months now..i finally gave up, but learnt a good lesson..
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    Budget 51-70k Looking for a ≤ 14-inch Work/Entertainment Laptop

    Asus zephyrus g14 series are way to go with different discrete GPU options. At 14 inch, you have limited option for dedicated GPU.. you do have models with 3060/3050, but their cost is way exorbitant. I'm not sure about your budjet, but if cost is a no bar for you then you can look Asus ROG...
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    Storage Solutions 2 TB SSD for video editing?

    You can try one of these. How much read/write speed are looking for?? Kingston NV1 2TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Internal SSD Up to 2100 MB/s SNVS/2000G Silicon Power P34A60 2TB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD, 3D TLC NAND with SLC Cache, Up to 2200MB/s, M.2 2280 Internal Solid State...
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    SteamDeck 256GB on Amazon - good deal?

    Thanks.. can u pls pm me as I still don't have permit to send any msg.. i will share u my number
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    SteamDeck 256GB on Amazon - good deal?

    does this group keeps aya-neo, win gpd kind of devices? are they in telegram or whats app?
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    Front loading or top loading washing machine?

    This one for limescale and other deposits prevention. It doesn't removes any dissolved works for me since my apartment water supply has 550-620tds. I have never used any water softener..