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    Apple Wonderlust 2023 (12th Sept'23)

    Did anyone install iOS 17? Safari feels damn fast, wondering why they couldn’t do this earlier.
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    Handling Missing Data in a Java Data Analysis Application

    If you are building a generic library, then I would recommend using defaults for missing data and document the behaviour. Like 0 for numerical, false for boolean, empty string (wouldn’t recommend null here). And if you want to externalise the decision on how to handle missing data, create an...
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    Apple Wonderlust 2023 (12th Sept'23)

    I eat my words. I thought since US price wasn’t increased, even Indian price was same. This is sad. They have increased 15 pro price as well compared to 14 pro.
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    Apple Wonderlust 2023 (12th Sept'23)

    You mean justifying the price increase? Isn’t the price same? They have bumped up the storage. Anyway one would hardly buy 128 GB with PM if they are planning to keep it for a few years. Also, if one is planning to play those AAA games on Pro models, they would definitely need that extra storage.
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    Apple Wonderlust 2023 (12th Sept'23)

    I think 1 thing which is being overlooked here is the RAM capacity. Upto 12PM, we had 4GB and on 15PM we are getting 8GB, which is a major upgrade. I know iOS has a good ram management, but lately I cannot keep many apps in background (my iPhone has 4GB).
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    Discussion on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds!

    How bad the server has to be that it gets overloaded due to such few requests.
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    Discussion on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds!

    Yeah even I am getting the same error.
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    Amazon India - Feedback Thread

    This happened with me in past. The delivery guy came the next day and delivered saying he met with an accident, though he looked very much fine. But anyway even I had given 1 * on the day it was marked delivered and selected product wasn’t delivered. I got a call from Amazon customer service...
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    Are cooling pads for gaming laptops really helpful ?

    2-3 degrees drop is due to the elevation and 2-3 is due to the extra fans it has. I had experimented this by playing with fan on then off and without keeping it on pad. I would say definitely worth it for 4-6 degrees drop.
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    Apple Wonderlust 2023 (12th Sept'23)

    iPhone 15 not having 120Hz is just sad at this point.
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    Upgrading the SSD of Macbook pro 2017

    1 thing is the size. Check what is existing size - 2242 or 2280. The recommended one looks like 2242 and you have selected 2280, which will definitely not fit. Next is NVMe / Sata. I wouldn’t change the type. Also, if your model is with a touchbar, then SSD is soldered. Not sure if you can...
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    Budget 25-30k Looking for a good 5g phone within 30k.

    Just wait for BBD - instead of S20 FE, you can get S21FE in that budget. Poco F5 has an average camera.
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    Budget 90k+ How much should I buy for?

    You can build a new PC for less than 100k, that too a powerful one than both of the listed ones. Also since you said you keep swapping components, why not buy an AM5 build which will be supported for many more years, than intel. Here is one option...
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    Budget 0-20k Recommendations for a 27-inch monitor for work and 1440p gaming

    I highly recommend Gigabyte M27Q. You will have to set the colour profile manually, but the display is quite good. It is a but expensive compared to the alternatives, will slightly go above your budget. But worth every penny.
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    Current trend of credit cards

    Yeah but it doesn’t justify the hefty fees of 12-15k anymore. Infinia (if one can get hold of it) has much better rewards using SmartBuy. And the renewal fee is also recovered upto 75% by the points.
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    Current trend of credit cards

    But the magnus ship has sailed. Not a worthy card anymore.
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    Does amazon pay icici card work with other icici offers?

    Yes this is exactly what I meant by cap But my point was that if you get a flat discount instead of cashback of x amount, discount is always better.
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    The book I am reading currently

    Completed Percy Jackson books. Highly recommend if someone liked Harry Potter.
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    Does amazon pay icici card work with other icici offers?

    Just try pinging them on twitter, they will call you back and ask if you really want the card. Agreed, it’s a very basic card. But it works for flipkart as well as amazon discounts. Amazon when having offer on Icici, gives 5% disc on apay icici and 5% cashback. Whereas for non-apay icici...
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    Does amazon pay icici card work with other icici offers?

    Yeah, there’s no reason not to. If you already have apay icici, there is no cibil enquiry, no application required and limit is also shared. Just send a message on twitter to icici cares that you want a LTF platinum along with apay icici.