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  1. Vipul Bhatia

    FS: Others Garage Sale

    What's the battery life on the Coolpix? I'm in Gwalior and interested in the same.
  2. Vipul Bhatia

    FS: Networking Seal Pack Zyxel P660HNUF1 Wireless N ADSL2+ 4 X2

    Received in excellent condition. Thanks. Feedback left.
  3. Vipul Bhatia

    FS: Tablet Apple Digital AV Adapter,Griffin slim case iPad3/ MD098ZM/A (for iPad/iPad2/iPad 3)

    Interested in the Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.. 1. What is the battery life and how much internal storage? 2. Which cases?
  4. Vipul Bhatia

    FS: Desktops PC Parts for sale

    Cost for 2TB HD?
  5. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux For Newbies - Zorin 9

    For noobs, the learning curve for the unity desktop is quite steep. In addition, the fabled customisation options of linux are buried so deep that they give up well before they can reach any place of significance in their understanding. Drivers will remain an issue as most manufacturers make...
  6. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux For Newbies - Zorin 9

    Zorin allows windows drivers :)
  7. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux For Newbies - Zorin 9

    When I talk of Linux, I would like the person to get used to the system and then start exploring. Most newbies give up in the exploring stage, since dependencies et al is beyond them and command line addition of repositories is the stuff their nightmares are made of. Would rather spoon feed a...
  8. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux For Newbies - Zorin 9

    Tried both. Still, would suggest you to give it a go. IMHO, Zorin wins hands down. And this is after installing it on 4 newbie systems. No complains from any of them so far, after almost 4 months.
  9. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux For Newbies - Zorin 9

    Based on Ubuntu, its a look alike windows in a lot of ways. Reminds me of the Lindows but is successful on so many levels in comparison. Has wine enable and configured by default. Can emulate windows XP/7 Offers core and educational free versions. Rather than me going on about the distro, you...
  10. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux Partition Help!

    Are all the four partitions made as 'Primary'? If that is the case, convert 2 of the data partitions as extended logical partitions. Then you will be able to make a new partition. HDs can have only 4 primary partitions. The rest have to inside the extended partition as logical drives.
  11. Vipul Bhatia

    Linux For Newbies - Zorin 9

    Hi, One of the best linux distros for newbies, especially from the windows world. Not seen much here and hence posting about it.
  12. Vipul Bhatia

    FS: Storage Hardware 2TB | 3TB Seagate HDD

    Interested in the 3tb. Will send you PM
  13. Vipul Bhatia

    FS: Photography Panasonic Lumix TZ30 Super 20x Zoom 1080p60 14.1 MP Camera

    Please send bank details. Will make payment today. If possible send tomorrow.Money transferred