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  1. Rezep

    Help me to forward ports for apex legends on jio fiber

    Port forwarding as @variablevector is not for what you think it is. I've only tried to do it like twice 7 years back when custom clients for cod modern warfare 2 were a thing and I tried to host a server lol. From my experience I've had the lowest latency with Act fibernet and was stable...
  2. Rezep

    Options to get stuff shipped from China...Lets discuss

    The 150 usd product you purchased will be charged customs, I can assure you that. Only way I can see that not happening is if it's not actually declared 150, but fedex or any big western postal service charge customs no matter what.
  3. Rezep

    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

    Money does a disappearing act everytime I want something :arghh:
  4. Rezep

    VR Advice for Exercise

    You seem to clearly just want to purchase a VR headset for gaming but rather use "exercise" to justify buying lmao. Get it you want to play VR games and can afford it, otherwise don't.
  5. Rezep

    Any experience shopping at Uniqkart?

    I would not touch this website if I were you. Your post itself is the 8th result on google.
  6. Rezep

    How to RMA/Replace Asus GPU?

    Haha, it's been a year already. I remember i posted somewhere here on this forum that I basically posted a 1000 word complaint with all the details required on the real govt consumer forum only for it to be closed by the agent after the asus correspondent responded back with some sentence saying...
  7. Rezep

    Croma retail deals

    It's easy to find some good deals if you filter it by delivery mode, standard and express. That removes the listings that are unavailable.
  8. Rezep

    Windows 10 or 11

    Yep, really easy. Nothing more fun and stupid than playing angry birds 2 installed from the windows store on a not so legit copy of ltsc on a refurbished t480s with a touchscreen display :p
  9. Rezep

    Windows 10 or 11

    Xbox as in the windows store or xbox game pass? I haven't used or bought the game pass stuff so I can't speak about that (I remember reading about it somewhere that it does work though) but the windows store works. Using powershell as admin and typing wsreset -i installed it for me. All apps...
  10. Rezep

    Windows 10 or 11

    Ever tried windows 10 ltsc? Basically windows 10 with majority of the bloat cut out. I'm using it on my ThinkPad and pc and still get security updates. I think support for it is till 2027? There's really easy guides on reddit to download, install and activate it (especially activation). Won't...
  11. Rezep scammer is back with

    :eek: Techenclave users try not to fall for scams to save 1000rs challenge :eek: (literally impossible)
  12. Rezep

    Camera Where to fix canon powershot sx520hs in bangalore?

    Alright, I realised my repair question was a bit niche so I just decided to give my camera to vinay camera service in Gandhinagar (majestic, bangalore). Shop timings were decent, Mon to Sat 12 to 8, Sun 12-4 didn't have time to go so asked my dad to give it. He went today, gave the camera to a...
  13. Rezep

    FS: RAM 30x 8GB DDR3/DDR3L Modules from HyperX, Corsair, G.Skill, ADATA, TwinMOS & KLLISRE

    Shared feedback with seller, stick works as described. Awaiting seller to exchange feedback as well.
  14. Rezep

    Confused b/w (3060 ti - 6700xt) and (i5 12400f - Ryzen 5 5600)

    I haven't been following the pc market for years now so I would be glad if you could answer a few questions for me. I thought that DLSS was worth picking these over amd cards? I thought that would have become a standard option in majority of AAA games no? Ik that FSR 3 is coming out (or has it...
  15. Rezep

    Importing laptop into India

    I really want to know your thought process, did you think about buying a laptop from Nigeria, all because of just searching for countries with the "best" exchange rate? Read the first comment here, you're not going to get it cheaper from nigeria of all countries The country is going through...
  16. Rezep

    Options to get stuff shipped from China...Lets discuss

    You'll have to send a bunch of papers back and forth between multiple offices. 3.5k is fair enough, not worth the time you'll waste trying to dispute the charges (which never works unless it's a crazy amount)
  17. Rezep

    Camera Where to fix canon powershot sx520hs in bangalore?

    Basically I dropped the camera from a height off a table and the lens won't open/pop out anymore. Lens error pops up 10 seconds after the lens motor tries to open itself but it starts to jitter as if something is stuck that won't let the lens fully open out. Camera is basically 10 years old at...
  18. Rezep

    FS: RAM 30x 8GB DDR3/DDR3L Modules from HyperX, Corsair, G.Skill, ADATA, TwinMOS & KLLISRE

    Received my hyperx red ram as well today. Very well packed. Will share feedback in upcoming few days
  19. Rezep

    Amazon India lightning deals

    The kz zsn pro is old now in the chi fi world. You're better off buying either the tangzu for under2k or simgot ew200/crinacle zero red for under 5k if you're interested in wired IEMs. The sony ch720n is a wireless headphone and I don't know much about that, but I don't think it's anything that...
  20. Rezep

    Laptops Did my friend get a good deal on his laptop?

    Ah I see that's where the difference is, couldn't find the wattage of the dgpu on the Vivo book. In that regards I believe the ideapad 3 would be better as that is even higher at 100w right? I suppose this was really the best option for him, he doesn't even game only and it's just that he...