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  1. rdst_1

    Need advice in regards to courier.

    I have sold a lot of phones on eBay and when I said use lots of bubble wrap, it wasn't meant for the product, which should also be packed like you mentioned, where it doesn't move inside the box, but I also used a lot of bubble wrap outside the box so that the box is unreachable no matter how...
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    Need advice in regards to courier.

    Courier company doesn't matter as much as the level of packing. If one does bulletproof packing with lots of bubblewrap then the only thing to be worried about would be theft. Recently, I have switched to Registered Parcel service of India Post, but haven't sent many high value items through...
  3. rdst_1

    Budget Above 40k Which phone would run smooth for at least 3 yrs?

    In my experience over the last few years, Android phones easily last 3-4 years these days, unless you are someone who keeps expecting same level of performance throughtout those years. If that's your wish, I would suggest trying not to update the phone to the latest version. The reason for that...
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    WTB Windows XP Gaming Laptop/PC/Components

    Edit - Not sure if it is 4790k or just 4790.
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    WTB Windows XP Gaming Laptop/PC/Components

    My brother has a 4790k system lying around and a 1080ti as well. He is just lazy to pack and sell it off. Would it be possible for you to arrange local pickup in Hyderabad and have someone ship it to you.
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    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions [NO Price checks]

    There is no such rule as you have mentioned. What is not allowed is reselling stuff bought from this forum and that guy was banned for the very same reason. Buying stuff from other places and selling it here, is and was always allowed. Otherwise how would this forum marketplace work because one...
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    Need suggestions for a good massage gun

    Spend a lot of money and get a TheraGun. It's what elite athletes use to recuperate.
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    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Even I would be interested just because of the world cup. Let me know if a slot is available and what's the annual/monthly cost (whichever is applicable).
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    Good Quality Electrical Switches and Sockets. Who makes them?

    I'll check tomorrow, but I think I went for Norisys sockets because they operate fine even with 2-pin plugs. I think I read it somewhere but I'll confirm tomorrow by trying out my sockets and revert back in this thread.
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    Good Quality Electrical Switches and Sockets. Who makes them?

    I remember making a similar thread not long ago. I ended up buying Norisys stuff, but haven't gotten around to installing them yet as I am doing the replacements myself and other things took over life. The quality is pretty good and they have some unique switches like 2 in 1,where you can have 2...
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    What purpose would such a cheap DAC achieve? Any device will already have a comparable DAC already inside.
  12. rdst_1

    FS: Networking HD 6xx 3m cable | Netgear prosafe 16 port gigabit switch

    Thanks a lot for this. Need to order both, replacement cable and ear pads, although I do have replacements which I had ordered from Aliexpress. Oh, how I miss using Aliexpress.
  13. rdst_1

    FS: Cabinets Corsair 400R

    Cheapest shipping option is using Registered Parcel service of Indiapost. Sharing just in case you decide to ship. I have one lying around as well, but will still keep it for now, hoping I can put it to use sometime in the future, even though it has been lying unused for nearly a decade now.
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    User Review Bosch SMS60L12IN Dishwasher Review

    I don't understand how someone needs 10 minutes to load a dishwasher. It would hardly take me 2-3 minutes, but also, why do you need to load it all at once. The way we use our DW is that we keep loading it as the dishes get dirty and then run it when it gets full or when we need the dishes...
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    Lifetime free credit cards to get blocked!

    What's with the click-bait headline? You could've used the word 'unused' in the main thread topic itself.
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    Nothing Phone

    Really. I have had the opposite experience. Nearly everyone who has two SIMs is using the benefit of dual apps, mainly for Whatsapp, ever since it became available. I have been using it for 6-7 years now. Everyone who is using two numbers properly needs dual Whatsapp to run on the same phone.
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    FB Marketplace Feedback

    I am also very much alike you in this regard, but what I have learnt is that you have to grow a thicker skin and learn to reply to such people with a smile. Or hire someone who can do this for you.[emoji6]
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    Nothing Phone

    Apparently, Nothing phone does not support Dual Apps right now. A big big miss from them which will make the phone unviable for many. Saw this in a Youtube review.
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    Widespread misspelling of the name of my city

    This is prevalent in a lot more states other than NE. I see it in Himachal as well where the dialects are vastly different in a span of just 70-100 kms. It is mostly different in all the valleys. For example Kangri (Kangra) is very different from Mandyali (Mandi) which is again different from...
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    Widespread misspelling of the name of my city

    I don't know how you got the idea that people here are defending the wrong spelling and pronunciation. In fact, I am thankful that you pointed out we were making this mistake unknowingly. At best, we pointed out that we are pronouncing it that way because of the wrong spelling we have learned...