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    FS: Networking Ubiquiti networking gear - Edgerouter X, X-SFP, UAP-AC-LR

    Hoping your experience on WhatsApp was good this time :D. thank you for the deal and shipping it so quick !!
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    WTB Sony Liv subscription

    get times prime and you will get 6 months free :)
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    WTB Apple Airtag

    I've got 2. 5k shipped for both.
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    WTB Raspberry pi

    Payment received. Pi shipped and delivered. Awaiting feedback :)
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    WTB Altec Lansing MX5021 - Dead or Working (main bo

    I have a full working unit without remote. Ot sire if you are looking for what it is. Not in use for long, but it should be functional.
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    WTB Raspberry pi

    I have one pi 4 8gb, with crystal case and few other accessories. 8k shipped +1000 for aluminium heatsink.. Asking for what I paid :| , never used. its out of warranty, testing warranty will be there.
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    WTB Sony WH-1000XM4 or equivalent headphones

    I have XM4, moderately used and 100%functional. Headphone and case only, 10k+shipping at actuals(not negotiable :) ), if you are still interested.
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    WTB Good quality Video Phone with Wifi and Camera working :)

    no budget in mind, I am flexible, will depend on what is offered. I am flexible and need 2/3 devices.
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    WTB Good quality Video Phone with Wifi and Camera working :)

    Hi, I need a phone that has a working Camera and Wifi. Cracked screen/body, sim-locked - demo versions etc. Will prefer good camera phones. Please ping me if you have one.
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    WTB Logitech G29 or any other beginner wheel

    I have a like new, unused G29. but again available in NCR. Expecting 17K.
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    WTB NVME M.2 USB C Casing.

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    WTB Apple Pencil 2

    8k shipped. Brand new, open box.
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    WTB Xbox One S (Disc variant)

    I have a 1tb version. Hardly used for 15-20 hours. DM me for pics.
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    WTB NVME M.2 USB C Casing.

    I have few spare nvme drives which I want to put to some use. do let me know if you have any spare external casing. 22x30 would be awesome :D
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    WTB A M.2 NGFF to PCI-E adapter like Fenvi FV101

    Do you have extra :P
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    FS: Others Clean-up sale - Apple Pencil, iPad case, Tripod, AirTags, Insta360 x1, BM Videoassist, Galaxy watch and more

    Insta360, Galaxy watch- both sold. Airtags sold. BUMP for remaining items.
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    WTB Gaming laptop or laptop for gaming and work.

    Get an iPad vro Change your taste in games.. its hard initially, but its a better decision. I play a lot of games on iPad now, and has never turned on my PC lately. Hard to explain, but it worked for me.