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  1. axeman

    FS: Others Clearance part 2 : Webcams | Macbook Air super drive | ipad pro keyboard folio | 4k docking station | network adapter and lots more will be added .

    Interested for: Logitech webcam Model : Logitech C525 HD (720p) Webcam TP-LINK Archer T4U AC1300 High Gain Wireless MU-MIMO USB Adapter Sent PM And payment made
  2. axeman

    FS: Networking VERY RARE! LENOVO M720q for (OPNSense/pfSense) Router

    Sent PM Paid for a combo 2, i3 9100 and dual nic. Very patient seller.
  3. axeman

    PPF account for minors

    1. Yes, try and put both parents on the account so either can manage it, instead of just one 2. no need, the account can be extended by 5 year blocks. Plus - use the account at the 8-10 year age to teach the kid the wonders of interest and compound interest. 3. boys - do a large cap SIP/ MF...
  4. axeman

    Car & Bike Yamaha RX100 in 2023

    Would make sense to browse a certain team b** forum. There are quite a few instances of people who maintain these models and use them regularly. You may also be able to get in touch with a few folks from there based out of Assam and WB who may be able to source unit as well as parts for your...
  5. axeman

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Couple of comments were made so sharing more info: I mentioned price as sub 1.8, not giving more specific info, and the offer is over now I believe 5 year warranty was bundled - 3 at outlet (I believe this is default), 2 was extended by LG seperately at the time of installation I will need to...
  6. axeman

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Got a LG OLED C2 65 yesterday. LG is running Gudi Padwa offers, and the price, discounting etc at a LG store here in Pune brought the price to sub 1.8 lacs. That price is lower than the lowest Samsung Neo QLED of the same size.
  7. axeman

    Budget 0-20k Need help in Home Server PC

    Can you import from the US? You can get this: And add a external drive for additional storage.
  8. axeman

    Please suggest a website for Customized Phone Covers

    there are tons of sites, daily objects is a well known one though
  9. axeman

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Premium Mice, keyboards and mouse pads for sale

    Sending a PM for Thrustmaster T16000M FCS joystick (Rs 3000/- , condition excellent, used only once) Benq Camade mouse bungee (Rs 1500/-, brand new) Razer Mouse bungee V2 (Rs 1500/-, condition new)
  10. axeman

    Storage Solutions MUST READ before buying drives for your NAS - My experience buying ST4000VX007 CMR Drives

    I believe you are in Pune, simply buy from Sujata Computers at Nal Stop, they are ok to negotiate most of the times.
  11. axeman

    FS: Photography 4 Months Old Sony A6600 (16-135mm)+ Sigma 30 MM 1.4 + Mobius Camera Backpack + Peak Design Camera Strap could you suggest which one?
  12. axeman

    OpenBox Products

    Price for ODD pls
  13. axeman

    FS: Networking 2x Asus RT AC-59U V2 - AC1500, Gigabit Ports, Asus AI Mesh - Some warranty left on each

    Sold to Napstersquest. Shipped via their arrangement locally.
  14. axeman

    FS: Networking 2x Asus RT AC-59U V2 - AC1500, Gigabit Ports, Asus AI Mesh - Some warranty left on each

    End of Month Bump. These are in no way average routers to be compared with a 2k-3k unit.
  15. axeman

    FS: Laptop Dell Latitude 7390

    Service Tag is incorrect, the unit posted has 4FRXNF2, express code is different as well and manuf year of 2019.
  16. axeman

    FS: Laptop Dell Latitude 7390

    Interested, but warranty details are incorrect as per Dell. Can you please re-check?