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    FS: Games 3 PS3 Games & 1 PS Vita Game

    I m interested in uncharted 3 pm me your details.
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    WTB The Last Of Us for PS3

    No problem bro. We will hunt in pack.
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    WTB The Last Of Us for PS3

    As the title says . PM me the offers . Cheers. from bhubaneswar. Thanks .
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    Karbonn A7* With dual-core processor, 4.5 inch display now available for Rs 6,190

    android phone without 3G connectivity is of no use.... every handset should have two models... one with 3G other with GPRS... at the places where 3G is nt available thy need not hv to pay extra money for 3G hand set
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    Dark Souls - Discussion Thread

    Any one got the moonlight greatsword ? I dont how i can't seem to get it . any suggestion for that.
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    reliance 3G rs450 6GB

    yesterday i bought reliance 3G sim card for rs600 6GB Data for 90 days. each month 2gb (2gb+2gb+2gb). no idea abt other parts of india but here in bhubaneswar(orissa) is available. the 3G plans works in roaming too :)
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    EPL fantasy football league :)

    hey , i m joining
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    Micromax Funbook (Allwinner A10 based tablets) Discussion Thread

    can we use 3g dongle in this tablet of any company?
  9. S Deals and Coupons

    today i recievd two 16gb AND two 32gb micro sd card sandisk :)
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    Brand New PS3 With Move Rs. 15,689

    no dude its only for product above 20,000 , not for products priced 19,990.
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    eBay India Hot Deals and Coupons

    I know i am late , but one question guys . Is it like 1 coupon for one user and single use only , or we can use the same coupon multiple times for the same user ?
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    Video Brand new samsung 46 EH5000 led tv with 1 year dealer warranty

    Dealer warranty is equal to no warranty at all , he is providing the warranty but he is not obliged to repair .I would say avoid it , It still is 50K of your hard earned cash which is not less . In these kind of deal it is always advisable to go the shop make him open the box infront of you...
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    8 GB HP Pendrive for Rs. 297/- Shipped (Killer Deal)

    aftr 18 days of my order today i got :)
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    bluetooth device OEM nokia BH-505

    i saw in ebay nokia BH-505 bluetooth device for just rs 1580 without warranty.what is OEM product? are they fake? coz the same product cost rs2800.why so much difference? --- Updated Post - Automerged --- check out the product here: Nokia Stereo Bluetooth Headphones BH 505 for Nokia LG Sony...
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    Dead Island - Discussion Thread

    google it u will know:cool2:
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    File sharing sites blocked by department of telecom!

    again they blocked File sharing sites cant download a thing .Any solutions ?
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    Limbo - Discussion Thread

    Yeah finished it today .Stunning game, simple and mindblowing.
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    File sharing sites blocked by department of telecom!

    Re: Blocking sites in India? Mine is also blocked i use aircel gprs, will try later with bsnl 3G.I dont think ISP are blocking it ,why would anyone take unlimited offers if no one can download. "Apne pathe par thodai lath marenge"