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    Truecaller Premium sharing slots available

    @manuvikraman & @divyesh2129 - Sorry, all slots are full for this year.
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    It may get me banned but here I go

    Hang on for a while. Soon you should be able to see your replies instantaneously. I am sure you already found a lot of value in these forums. I am not sure how long one needs to be a member to get some of these restrictions removed.
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    Under sink water filter with NO RO

    That does not have the pressure switch and pressure tank. I think without the motor the water will not flow through the filters. It must be having the motor. But this listing is very misleading. Try contacting Call their customer care and ask them to suggest as setup for...
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    Can I post sale thread or buy anything?

    Even if there is a fraud, good luck getting your money back with the bank details. Always take enough precautions. Check the seller ratings and previous sale threads of the seller.
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    Any experience with Cordelia cruises?

    I was on one cruise to the Caribbean islands (Bahamas, Nassau, etc) from Florida. Probably, Carnival. It was a four-day cruise. The room we had had a window. You will soon get bored of looking at the sea through the window. It is good for the first few hours only. You get to enjoy the view and...
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    Under sink water filter with NO RO

    The outlet of the RO (if you do not want RO then do not connect the RO membranes) is pumped into a pressure tank. The pressure tank has an inflated rubber balloon into which water is pumped. As the water is pumped the balloon is compressed and under pressure. The outlet of the pressure tank is...
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    Running Ethernet cables through walls

    This is the single biggest mistake I made when I was getting my house constructed in 2006. It was a time when the technology was not fully evolved. My major needs were good internet and media consumption. In 2006 we were still dependent on cable TV. Hence, I ran all types of cables inside the...
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    Budget 51-70k Looking for a small size long life laptop

    I have been eyeing the uhx 2-in-1 models from Fujitsu. They don't seem to have launched the13th gen CPUs yet.
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    Truecaller Premium sharing slots available

    Please check your message box.
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    Truecaller Premium sharing slots available

    Hi All, I am taking Vagabond's slot. If @tiwari doesn't respond by the end of the day today, one slot will be available. @bssunilreddy - Interested?
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    Truecaller Premium sharing slots available

    @Pratik.Sampat - Vagabond dropped out due to some features not working on iPhone. We have one open slot for the annual plan. Costs ₹600/person/year. @tiwari is yet to confirm. If he does not confirm by tonight another slot will open up.
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    Android Lava Agni 2 Wifi Disconnections with TP-Link Deco 5 Mesh

    Thanks for the detailed reply. Much to my chagrin, I found that even the direct Airtel router wifi connection has dropped on my Lava Agni 2 phone. The wifi connection was fine for over an hour and then it dropped and reconnected. With they mesh router it happens every 1 or 2 minutes. I think the...
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    Android Lava Agni 2 Wifi Disconnections with TP-Link Deco 5 Mesh

    It doesn't seem to happen due to signal strength. The Wifi drops even when I am next to the connected mesh router.
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    Android Lava Agni 2 Wifi Disconnections with TP-Link Deco 5 Mesh

    Hello All, I am not sure if this should be in the Mobile forum or the Networking forum. I have a weird situation. From Day 1, my Lava Agni 2 gets disconnected from the wifi network of TP-Link Deco 5 Mesh. There is no particular pattern but it keeps happening every 1 or 2 minutes for a couple of...
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    Hello everybody

    The Buy-Sell is NOT the core functionality of this forum. It is precisely the reason why Buy-Sell is restricted for new members. If any member has joined here soley for by-sell then they should be looking at other avenues.
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    MSG makes things taste different

    Yes, it is and no it is not a health hazard.
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    Inverter & Power consumption

    Time for BEE Star rating for invertors has come.
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    Egg boiler

    Why discard the yolk and only consume the whites? The yolk has so much nutrition that you are going to miss out on. I have never seen boiling eggs become such a complex topic. I do own the Kent model and I use it only because it is quick and convenient but my wife has hidden it away from my...
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    FS: Others Lenovo 300 FHD webcam

    Please check PM.