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  1. Heisen

    Battery Discharge

    Source This does not help the battery, this only calibrates the battery percentage to be accurate, so it shows true state of charge. Not really, just charge it up to 60% and leave. Disconnecting the battery wouldn't make a huge difference, but if it does then there could be a another problem.
  2. Heisen

    Budget Above 40k Should I switch from iPhone 13 to S23 or S24 ?

    Fedup of what in iOS? Buy another phone who's camera you prefer, and keep both. If you are serious about camera, why not buy an actual camera with bigger lens, people who travel and trek more often usually buy a camera at some point. With phone camera these days the software plays a big role...
  3. Heisen

    How's Ola electric scooter

    I saw this behavior on iPhones, but never knew why, this makes sense.
  4. Heisen

    How's Ola electric scooter

    Could be, I have yet to experience the EV, but I have experienced very high horsepower engines and know them very well in detail how they work and all, perhaps that's why I am biased toward ICE engines. The engines are in the game for so long that even with high number of parts, engineers have...
  5. Heisen

    How's Ola electric scooter

    The new 6G model has much improved new telescopic fork suspension in the front. All previous models of activa has spring-loaded hydraulic type suspension in the front.
  6. Heisen

    How's Ola electric scooter

    I'd stay away from electric scooters till the combustion ones are available. For me the honda activa seems to be the best specially the new fuel injection model under 1 lakh. Very cheap to maintain and superior reliability, I can even do the general service myself, instead of going to service...
  7. Heisen

    Budget 25-30k What Phone around 30k

    iPhone SE 3rd gen 64GB, at apple site it's 50k but if you go to croma, you might be able to get it for cheaper, don't buy online unless it's official Fuss free ownership experience, aftermarket is full of replacement parts too. The design might be old but very solid, proven with many...
  8. Heisen

    12V 60W PSU

    The right solution for this application will be a linear power supply, which offers least interference, the Korad Ka3005d is a good option, but that won't come cheap. If your use case demands 5A you have to get a switching power supply which offers even higher current rating. But I think any...
  9. Heisen

    12V 60W PSU

    You might be overthinking this, usually the max current consumption on typical 3.5inch HDD is 1.5A, just to be safe you can go with a power supply of 2A, this is most of the time the current capacity of wall wart adapters for a external 3.5inch HDD drive. So your assumption that your HDD while...
  10. Heisen

    iOS Does iPhone 7 support gpay in India or not?

    ICICI Bank app & Paytm stopped working on iOS 15, they require iOS 17 now. I suspect many more apps will follow this trend, except social media apps. I guess it's time for users of following phones to upgrade. iPhone 6s, 2015 6s Plus, 2015 SE 1st gen, 2015 7, 2016 7 Plus, 2016 8, 2017 8 Plus...
  11. Heisen

    Budget 41-50k Budget performance oriented laptop

    Longevity doesn't come with laptops, build a PC instead. If you are so worried about performance, at least a PC won't thermal throttle.
  12. Heisen

    The US sues Apple for monopolistic practices

    Leave the edgy kid on the block alone, let him cook. He is the only game in town, different from the rest, thinking outside the box, always comes late to party but comes with a BANG. :grimacing:
  13. Heisen

    Video Understanding 120 Hz marking on televisions

    Yes, you are correct, the U6K model does not have a true 120 Hz display, my speculation is, it is a true motion thing, which generates fake frames in between the real frames, or it could be that it disables some of the post processing to lower the input lag, or combination of both. I also think...
  14. Heisen

    Post your Rigs !

    To elevate your desktop experience to even higher level, upgrade to a large desk, with lot of free room for your legs, (your body will thank you later)
  15. Heisen

    iOS Does iPhone 7 support gpay in India or not?

    No idea, but definitely longer than any android would. 6S is 9 years old and everything still working. I discovered one app which didn't work and it was ChatGPT, the reason might be because it is developed last year and they ignored old hardware for some reason. But there is still a way to...
  16. Heisen

    Xiaomi India Battery Replacement Service Feedback

    All iPhones battery replacements are under 2k once you go to any popular 3rd party repair individuals, and they perform just like OEM. +-10%
  17. Heisen

    Graphic Cards Can we RMA a GPU for high temps?

    You can't. Best thing to do, keep your GPU fans on all the time, and don't disassemble it.
  18. Heisen

    Budget 25-30k Looking for a tablet for reading and taking notes

    Nothing better than the basic spec iPad + apple pencil for this use case, anything else is a compromise IMO.
  19. Heisen

    USB controlled Main power socket

    I see. Don't buy this one, I couldn't find a simple nice interface to control this relay in windows, this only has linux driver and also no GUI. Buy this one It has super easy software to control it, which works on...
  20. Heisen

    USB controlled Main power socket

    I highly doubt you need USB control, there must be a better alternative, You are having a hard time finding this because with USB protocol it quickly becomes less practical because USB cable doesn't work over long distances by default. So having a USB controlled switch over 1-2 meter distance...