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    WTB Type-c headphones with mic. salnotes/moondrop. S23 cases/accessories

    Looking for USB type-c headphones with mic to use with smartphones(s23,iphone 15, pixel) .. salnotes or moondrop preferred. -Budget <2-3k . Also looking for the following accessories for S23. -Cases/screen protectors -Charger adapter and cable
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    Budget 25-30k Used S21FE or S23?

    thank you for the reassurance
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    Budget 25-30k Used S21FE or S23?

    Planning to buy either a S21FE sd888 256GB for 20k or S23 for 40k ... former is 3months old and the latter is may first week purchase. Any advice on this would be great. whether they are worth it for the price. I dont mind going the s21fe route if it's not too terrible and save some money.
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    Whey Protein, where to buy!

    off topic, which flavor of nakpro platinum do you suggest except chocolate related stuff?
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    FS: Laptop HP Pavilion 14 Intel Core i5 11th Gen Tiger Lake 16gb 512gb

    speaking of brightness, does it get sufficiently bright enough to work in very well lit areas/semi-outdoors?
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    FS: Laptop HP Pavilion 14 Intel Core i5 11th Gen Tiger Lake 16gb 512gb

    are there any scuffs, or micro-scratches on the body? and how long does it battery last on normal browsing and document work?
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    FS: Laptop HP Pavilion 14 Intel Core i5 11th Gen Tiger Lake 16gb 512gb

    Any chance of shipping it? if so we could discuss and come to an agreement. I have a few questions regarding the product too. Kindly DM
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    FS: Consoles X-Box Series X and lots of accessories

    Original Xbox rechargeable battery with USB-C cable - is this still available?
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    Budget 90k+ How much should I buy for?

    I have someone selling a gaming pc near me. Not sure what the optimal pricing I should go for. There are two options 1. i5 12600k, msi z690 gaming edge wifi dd4, 16gb trident ram, deepcool 850 v2l , wd sn850 1tb, adata gammix 1tb nvme drives,phanteks p550a case, msi core liquid v2 - 130k- all...
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    FS: Desktops Ryzen 5 5600G build

    pls DM. interested
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    FS: Desktops 1080p Gaming PC (R5 3600x, GTX 1660, VG2401 144hz)

    Interested in the pc without the monitor and peripherals.. Pls DM
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    Budget 20-25K Buying smart phone with the back cracked!

    Oh i never considered this possibility. Thats maybe why they are not claiming warranty themselves and fixing it. Thank you man Speaking of dead pixels, i came across a similar offer for a pixel 7 with a single dead pixel(again with a substantial discount) thinking it's just one dead pixel which...
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    Budget 20-25K Buying smart phone with the back cracked!

    Hello, Recently Ive come across someone selling(locally) a Pixel 7 but the back has been damaged on one side along with some small dents in the camera house/visor looking part. The bargain itch started in me thinking if the damage is just to the glass back I would just apply some skin...
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    Android Redmi 12 5g/ Poco m6 pro 5g released - a return to form

    Hi, Do you think the M34 is suitable for senior citizens? calls and youtube most of the time...Jus dont need it to lag alot nor be plagued with ads/notifications like redmi phones.
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    iOS AppleCare warranty extension

    Hi can you guide how this can be bought exactly??
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    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 12 128GB Blue and some cases

    pls dm if open for price negotiations