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    FS: Mobile One Plus 11R - Brand New (2 months old)

    Nah, all manufacturers troll early adopters. People invested in a brand to purchase something soon after release are cash cows, and will be milked till eternity.
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    Revanced: possible successor to vanced utube

    Another mouse, caught by the cat as of now.
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    Amazon Ends partial Payment via Amazon Pay.

    It will certainly get devalued further. Same thing happened with the Axis Ace card which I closed earlier this year. I got my SBI Cashback LTF after writing to the customer service about it, so I will keep it nonetheless. It has a ridiculous but still over 1L limit, so I can't be bothered about...
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    Problems with Inference on GPT NEO X LLM

    This was several months ago for a project. It is basically using a pretrained model and then grounding it with other data sources, like how Bing Copilot works where it is able to use the Bing knowledge graph along with the pretrained ChatGPT model. It works fine if you don't want to expend too...
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    Problems with Inference on GPT NEO X LLM

    I was using a different container setup locally based on Mistral and RAG. Worked fine for days and then suddenly started throwing a lot of Python exceptions. No amount of instances worked thereafter. Just beats me when that happens.
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    Storage Solutions What is DNA data storage ?

    I believe this is the main reason for the existence of LLM now, so sharing the ChatGPT 4o version of it. Guess it is too much ELI5. ELI5 (Explain Like I'm 5): Imagine you have a super tiny, magical book that can hold all the stories and information in the world, and it won't get old or fall...
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    Times Network acquires Digit from 9.9 media

    Had Chip magazine subscription before Jasubhai gave up on the rights to rename it to Digit. If I remember right, Chip did make a comeback later with Viacom but I stuck to Digit for continuity. In the early years, it was mainly to get the content on CD/DVD as downloading even freeware/shareware...
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    Amazon Ends partial Payment via Amazon Pay.

    SBI cashback still works for all voucher purchases on Amazon, though not at dedicated voucher sites, because of the MCC used by Amazon. Never use the priority option on Zomato as the difference is always less than 10 minutes. On the contrary, I use the green delivery option on Swiggy as it is...
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    Which Stock market app do you recommend?

    About to close Zerodha account in a few days. It is still buggy where GTTs don't work or in some cases IPO mandates get revoked because of too many API calls, but otherwise the customer service is excellent. Had gone through the process of converting physical shares to demat and transferring...
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    iCloud email on non Apple ecosystem - Make sense?

    iCloud mail is like my 6th or 7th regular email ID but I have synced it with Outlook, Gmail, Spark and another 2-3 mail apps in the past. Works like any other email provider in the normal sense.
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    Amazon Ends partial Payment via Amazon Pay.

    It is a bit of double dipping. During sales, beyond the bank discount threshold, I used to pay the remaining amount using Amazon vouchers purchased at 5% off. Probably they are trying to cover off such scenarios.
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    FS: Others Spotify Premium 12-month coupon code

    Dropping coupon price to 200, so total cost for 1-year subscription is 899 for the buyer.
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    Cannot access on Jio network.

    Jio has been using deep packet inspection since its inception, which is not a surprise considering the data sharing with Google and Meta as investors. However, this also means it will get flagged or banned on a lot of sites using DDoS protection, which also applies to common Tor exit points and...
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    Beware of the Custom ROMs - The Case of Officially Pushed Nuke Codes and More

    These custom ROMs are private projects maintained by a few people, on whose whims and fancies features are implemented. It is the reason Google has aggressively come down on custom ROMs but especially rooted devices, because they can be an easy attack vector (lack of security updates on OEM...
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    Flipkart deals

    Didn't check the link but going by experience and reviews, besides poor after sales, it will have flimsy plastic build, the worst low gamut display, very thin copper (or even aluminium) heatpipes which cannot dissipate much heat, because of which the wattage is turned down immensely, hinges...
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    FS: Headphone Sony WF-1000XM4 ANC earbuds

    Sold to @john1911
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I suppose it makes sense only if you need a foldable in terms of the form factor. But you are giving a lot in terms of the hinge, crease, camera, SoC, battery life, OS updates and durability (when compared to a newer flip, definitely not a refurb).
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    Audio Bose QuietComfort vs Sony WH1000XM4

    That is the 2021 model. Feature-wise, it is on par with the 2023 one with a firmware update earlier this year. The difference is that the 2023 one has a new DSP, a different (more mainstream, less neutral) sound signature, better microphone, 2-4 hours longer battery life and the 3.5mm cable has...
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    Indian Stock Market and Mutual Funds

    I was alluding to co-operative banks when I mentioned small banks. The scheduled urban co-operative banks have been failing rapidly especially since RBI essentially enforced the same regulations as commercial banks. The point was that, by default, one shouldn't expect to be reimbursed beyond 5...
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    Audio Bose QuietComfort vs Sony WH1000XM4

    Short version, it is better than XM4 but behind XM5. If you ever need headphones for travel or commute, then nothing beats the QC series. As the name says, the primary focus is comfort. It weighs less, has big ear cups that cover the ear so that you sweat less, folds compactly inside a nice...