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  1. bhaskarvyas001

    FS: Others Year end clearance : RAM, PSU, ITX Case, GPU and AMD 4700S Kit

    Interested in ASUS Geforce GT 1030 @ Rs. 5000 (No Shipping needed, will collect locally)
  2. bhaskarvyas001

    Used Cabinet and PSU

    I am from bangalore. Interested. I have a old rig lying around.
  3. bhaskarvyas001

    iOS Need iPhone 4S display

    try I have used their service. ANd its pretty good. The pricing is also reasonable.
  4. bhaskarvyas001

    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Guys... It's finally time to replace my entire computer as its gone old and needs serious upgradation... I would like to sell the whole PC as a bundle.. All the components are out of warranty.. They are approx over 5 years old.. But they are fully functional as I am using this computer as my...
  5. bhaskarvyas001

    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    Java developer position with over 5 years experience with knowledge in performance engineering...
  6. bhaskarvyas001

    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    @Lord Nemesis Same story with or company... We have been doing interviews for last 4 months now... Not a single hire.. :-( Hence, we have lowered our bars and have decided to take someone who at least shows good attitude so that we can get work done by them.. Shocking that people with 8-9 years...
  7. bhaskarvyas001

    Which programmimg to learn for a complete beginner ?

    +1 @Shubham1401 Focus on the basics of programming. Try to think analytically in terms on solving the problem first than actually writing the code. From my experience, all the programming languages are the same in one way or the other. And with the competitive market you will have to be...
  8. bhaskarvyas001

    How is Youbroadband service in Pune@

    I used You telecom in Gurgaon and they were pretty good. In Pune I used Tata docomo broadband and it was really good.
  9. bhaskarvyas001

    Budget 10-15K Smartphone with good camera and 2GB RAM

    hey... Any update on the heating issue??? Did you notice that??
  10. bhaskarvyas001

    Budget 10-15K Smartphone with good camera and 2GB RAM

    SO, did you buy the Xiaomi mi4i?? Heard it has lot of heating problem... What's your tae on it??
  11. bhaskarvyas001

    Need help in buying power bank for mobile

    no experience with any powerbank so far.. But am planning to get the first one for me... A friend of mine is returning from US and I am planning to buy this item...
  12. bhaskarvyas001

    Need help regarding tikona threat calls and refund excess amount

    Tikona guys are all frauds... Even if you have closed the connection they do not do it and keep sending bills... Happened with couple of my friends... How did you communicate to Tikona that you wanted to close your account? Get that document handy, if you have any. Also, if possible get the copy...
  13. bhaskarvyas001

    cdac embedded course or job in tcs ???

    I support hotshot05 too... If you decide to join CDAC, please join the Pune branch as it is the oldest and best of all the branch... Also, the probability of placement is better here...
  14. bhaskarvyas001

    cdac embedded course or job in tcs ???

    Standing in two boats is never advisable... That way you will never be content and will never be able to justify any of them... Having said that there are number of situations that can come across, 1. You join CDAC and before TCS joining comes you complete your course and get placed --> PERFECT...
  15. bhaskarvyas001

    cdac embedded course or job in tcs ???

    My Suggestion... Join TCS for now... Settle down professionally and financially by working there for couple of years... You can then pursue your dream later... Once you have some experience under your belly, finding jobs would not be a trouble... But as a fresher, thing would get nasty if you do...
  16. bhaskarvyas001

    WTB iPhone 4 8GB, Pune / Mumbai

    Hi Guys, As the title says, want to buy an iPhone 4 - 8GB. Would like a seller from Pune / Mumbai preferably... Looking for an immediate buy.. Guys please let know if you are selling yours...
  17. bhaskarvyas001

    Car & Bike How to dispose of a car

    I like the way you have put it here... LOL.. :-) Call a kabari wala and he will take care of it... the cheapest solution that I can suggest...
  18. bhaskarvyas001

    FS: Mobile Apple Iphone 4s 16gb white

    Phone sold to me... Feedback shared... Pls do the same for me .. :-)