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    New Unlimited Plans from MTNL, Delhi.

    MTNL says 512 for 1999 but you have to add service tax also so it comes out to be total of 1999+around 250 = 2250 that too much for sense in taking that plan 849 is much better.
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    Graphic Cards Nvidia to replace dated GeForce 6/7/8 WHQL drivers next week

    nice news man...i have just updated my drivers...
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    Wtb : Q6600

    have got Q6600.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Last movie seen is TASHAN..OK TIMEPASS MOVIE....
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    Windows XP SP3 Officially released !!

    hey dude its really nice of you to post the link here...thanks a lot dude...very nice post.
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    IC: Seagate 500GB 7200.11

    is thr any 1 TB HDD in this 11 gen series..???
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    Monitors are LG LCD monitors better than Dell ?

    go for dell its the best i feel.
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    PC Peripherals Corsair service really rocks...

    i love corsair too...wht a brand...
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    FS: Yulong Class T Integrated Amplifier

    you have got the bill for this product..??? reason for selling this product...?? how much warranty is left on this product..???
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    Audio sound card

    i personally prefer prelude...its a better choice plus sangram is a music master you can ask him regarding the best amps to get attached with this card. he may suggest you the best thing in this category...
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    Question On Girls

    areee bhidu sharmana chordal raz dil ka kholdal ...aaju baaju mat dekh...i love you bol dal...warna kabootri phurr ho gai to dobara haath nahi aayegi aur tu dekhta reh jayega bhondu....samjha kya mamu....:)
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    Cheapest elec/PC Accessories shop I have seen- And they ship free to India - woot-

    nice website have surfed it out....but i don't have a CC only my debit tell me guys how can i do shopping from this website...???
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    Video Reliance to give Toshiba LCD TVs free with DTH

    nice one let me get registered tooo
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    Monitors LCD for ME !!!!

    E248WFP is the perfect choice dude....if you want more fun go for Dell 2408Ultrasharp model its can get some very gud deals for this on TE...
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    chaos its been showing that you are a marketing agent for pioneer kuro....i hope pioneer dosen't have any contract with you tht you get commission on every kuro that will be sold ;) he he he....
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    IC : Dell XPS and Inspiron Laptops

    dude mine was a bit customized configuration but eventually its been for XPS M1530 but i added a few things like 17" scrn and all ask dell if they can give you the prices for this configuration. also ask them if they can get 1730....lets see wht you can do about my requirement....?
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    Price of IPHONE

    20k for 8gb in frnd got one some time back.
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    Future of assembled desktop pc

    assembled will me much more cheaper but i still think buying branded pc is worth only if you can get it customized according to your requirement otherwise its useless and pure waste of money. i prefer dell products because you can customize it. is their any other brand of which we can customize...
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    Water on Mars!

    ek dum bakwas choclate....i won't even piss on mars u talking about water on mars.. lol...
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    Amazing HD wallpapers!

    amazing dude....thanks a lot.