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    Magzter Gold subscription Sharing - Rs.500 for one year

    looks like Im out of Logispath's group even though I communicated in this thread as well (also confirmed with rakesrules too) . superb communication :/. Anyway, Do you have any slot left @ch@ts / JMak @JMak for me ?? years doesnt matter, just want a slot
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    RIP Udit :( . God bless
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    Cancelled a EMI order on Amazon. Will there be any charges levied?

    Lol, are you mrindia? Btw, I was not charged any fee for cancelling EMI order for my cousin who wanted an iPad :)
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    GST and its impact on YOU!

    Agree. The entire chain is going to have to be GST compliant, which means computerization of invoices and tax forms. And it's going to be a single tax(called GST) instead of various taxes. It's simplified.
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    PC Peripherals Wireless receiver

    Nice. I will take it from you :) . PM on the way
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    PC Peripherals Wireless receiver

    I guess That's a non-unifying receiver but still the mouse should hopefully connect to it. A unifying receiver would have an orange icon like the one below:
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    Best place to buy Suits in Bangalore ??
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    PC Peripherals Wireless receiver Thanks!
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    PC Peripherals Wireless receiver

    Hey guys, I lost my logitech unifying receiver :( and a new one costs 395/- which's almost 70% of cost of a brand new mouse! Any of you planning to buy a Logi mouse(but you must already have a receiver)-- pls get intouch in me. Or I can buy one and ship you the mouse for a lesser(nego) fee. The...
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    Moto G5 Plus to be Flipkart exclusive, launched on 15th March 2017

    Well there's front facing fingerprint scanner.. it's become very useful now. Speaker output is decent, pretty convenient front firing.
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    Moto G5 Plus to be Flipkart exclusive, launched on 15th March 2017

    No it does not have the same.module nor the sensor. Pic quality is ok ok under low.lights. but the bokeh is awesome due to f/1.7 sensor. I got.the phone, not too.impressed with the pic quality.
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    Other yoga 8inch or ipad mini 2 ? please suggest

    Mipad resolution is 2048x just like iPad mini and other retina ipads so it won't make a difference unless you need IOS apps :-) . I recently got a 8" ipad mini2 and it's text/resolution is much better than my previous 720P nexus7. Reading mags is a breeze, I could read without zooming in as...
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    Forgot Airtel router password

    the one on my router is set by Airtel folks, so I had to call up their CC number and get the password. I was routed to their technical department or something.
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    Budget 20-25K Zuk Z2 launch in India?

    In another 3-4 months I hope.
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    Monitors Is my LED monitor working fine?

    Also try with a different power cable and make sure it's plugged in properly
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    Airtel plan in Lucknow

    Nice! But your plan is only 10GB, ask them to provide 40GB atleast. Do ask some airtel reps if they have special plans. Here in Coimbatore, for the same 999 plan 60GB is provided(it's not listed on the site however!!)