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    FS: Desktops Awesome Core i5 3570k Gaming Rig for Sale

    " anyway getting a single guy for all the stuff will be impossible" Impossible may be my name :)..... Im interested in buying the PC as a whole.
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    Alienware M14x (3 months old)

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: Alienware M14x Expected Price: Rs 75k Shipping charges: Will be handed over to buyer in Chennai or Bangalore Manufacturer page URL: Description : The laptop was bought only 2 months ago , and works flawlessly . I have also purchased the 2 year...
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    Yamaha/ Mission/ Koss/ OMB products

    How much are the koss porta pro available for ? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
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    iPhone4 16gb Brand New - 32,000/- Only 1 piece

    Mahaveer Plaza , National Market , Bangalore ..... THe box was sealed , and the phone is factory unlocked ( hong kong i think) ....BTW i think 32k is a good price if its brand new... but the fact that it is currently locked is the only dowside.
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    Iphone 4 SU 16GB - Mumbai

    I think price is too high mate .... factory unlocked sealed pieces sell for 37k at Bangalore .
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    iPhone4 16gb Brand New - 32,000/- Only 1 piece

    I think you need to review your pricing mate, a new factory unlocked SEALED pack sells for 36.5k in bangalore ....
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    IPOD Touch 16 Gb - 1st Generation for sale

    hi mate , i think you need to lower the price ... A LOT bump
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    Current Price Of Iphone 4 -- factory Unlocked

    Hi , this is just to let you know the current market price of the Iphone 4 Iphone 4 16 GB Factory Unlocked ------ Rs 37000 I just bought one from bangalore , sold in singapore. It is factory unlocked , on iOS 4.1 , so jailbreak will be released on 10-10-10 .I have no problems with the antenna...
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    iPad--- 64GB Wifi --- 36k Shipped

    SOLD to thebanik
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    iPad--- 64GB Wifi --- 36k Shipped

    BUMMPPPPP ....PRICE DROP 34k .. , if you do have a lower price quote , the answer is NO ...
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    Creative Zen Vision W 60GB ----- 6k shipped

    i am pretty sure it can .... all my regular avi dvdrips play just fine
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    Creative Zen Vision W 60GB ----- 6k shipped

    I have for sale , my Creative Zen vision W 60GB .... Bought 1 and a half years ago .... the cosmetic condition is good..... the screen is mint condition ...with screen guard from day 1 ..... and back is also scratchless as i used a guard .... Reason for sale : Buying a new guitar. Technical...
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    iPad--- 64GB Wifi --- 36k Shipped

    Done ... here is the new pic with user id and date ... and more clarity Reason for SALE : Buying a new guitar
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    iPad--- 64GB Wifi --- 36k Shipped

    i want a quick sale ... thats why its priced low
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    iPad--- 64GB Wifi --- 36k Shipped

    I have an iPad 64 GB Wifi bought around 1 and a half months ago ....excellent condition, the screen is perfect and no scratches on back... I am located in Cochin , but travel to B'lore , Mumbai and Chennai . So trades from these areas are preferred for convenience . NO LOWBALLING on the price...
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    iPad Urgently .. post offers !!

    Iv got a 64GB 1month old .... Wifi ....38k
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    Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2010 Core i5 2.4GHz, 4GB, 330M GT

    Do let me know if you are interested in exchange with a 2009 MBP 13" + cash ....(although I doubt you will be interested :)