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    Feedback on Smartlink broadband [Mumbai]

    Smartlink is pretty decent. I pay 7200/- for six months for a 6mbps link. Find the Speedtest results in my signature.
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    WTB Mobo + CPU + RAM

    Looking for a combo. Would consider separate offers but not preferred. 1. Should be atleast 3.0 Ghz and dual core. 2. USB 3.0 (optional) 3. Warranty preferable but not mandatory..
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    Audio IEM Cable

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    Audio IEM Cable

    Hi, I have a pair of Sunrise Xcape IE buds. I really like them compared to the PL-50 I have. However, a couple of days ago one of the speakers stopped working and I realized that the cable might have gotten damaged internally, near the jack, cause if I align the cable and the jack in a certain...
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    Request or Offer Invites here (NO Trades!)

    Looking for What.CD or Waffles invite if possible. Here is my IPT ratio proof :
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    2* Win 8 keys for 900 bucks from Dreamspark

    Thanks for the response. How long does it take to get an email confirmation of the transaction?
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    2* Win 8 keys for 900 bucks from Dreamspark

    What should I fill in the Student Profile? I am a bit confused with the Scholl name and expected year of passing...
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    The MAGIC of Sound @ SMC International

    I would like a Pair of E30s. Pls PM me.
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    Which Android Phone do you have?

    Samsung Galaxy S
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    Is defy plus the best phone for 16K budget??

    I am in exactly the same situation....looking for more inputs. How about SE Ray?
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    Samsung Galaxy S i9000 buying 16GB version or 8GB version

    Dang, didnt see the warranty info. Thanks for pointing that out. Would have been a huge mistake.
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    Samsung Galaxy S i9000 buying 16GB version or 8GB version

    What is the difference between the 2? Cost for 8GB version : Rs. 24,500/- Ebay.In Cost for 16GB version : Rs. 27,170/- Ebay.In On paper the only difference appears to be 8GB more in built memory in the 16GB version but the price difference is almost 2.7k Would it be better if one buys the...
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    10% flat at using ICICI bank

    Letsbuy couldnt get the Samsung WAVEs and they called me to check if I wanted to cancel the order or buy something else instead. Why would I buy from them when they sell items without having a single piece in stock?
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    10% flat at using ICICI bank

    This lady, Simran, from Letsbuy is saying that they will start shipping the WAVE's in a day or 2. Apparently been 'confirmed' that they are going to get the stock from Samsung.
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    Digital Media Device

    That is one question I really hate to answer ;-) A friend coming from US probably would be the best bet. Else KMD zindabad. It comes with 1 year warranty but US warranty only so you will have to spend a couple of thousand to have it sent and get it back from the US via KMD. However, as the thing...
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    How much does the College matter in Engineering

    +1000 Since the colleges and stuff after that have been excelletly put in the above post, I will address one critical thing. Make sure you take it (Engg) seriously. You probably thought getting in, especially if you have to appear for a CET or something, is the toughest thing you had to do in...
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    India elected to UNSC as non-permanent member

    More like the others are forced to 'acknowledge'. The 'act'ing part mostly depends on 'whats in it for them' ;-)
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    Digital Media Device

    I have been using NMTs (Popcorn Hour A110, A-200) for the past 2 years now and my brother has a WD-Live. I can confidently say, NMTs are the best HD Media players out there. It plays even Blu-Ray from a folder dump and if I have the Blu-Ray ISO then thing even gives me menus. Add to that it can...
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    Need suggestions for a 2-Line Cordless Phone

    How about the Caller-ID feature? Will they work with Indian Caller-ID service?
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    India elected to UNSC as non-permanent member

    I dont mean any disrespect but to suggest that IAEA actually holds that kind of power is a bit naive. Its like the President of India, come to think of it, even the President of the US isnt as powerful as he is on paper. Also the excuse that US invaded Iraq post 9/11 purely because of any...