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  1. Saiyan

    Land Acquisition Bill

    You must be a share holder of the organization that is trying to grab the lands.
  2. Saiyan

    Budget 21-30k Basic rig for a Lawyer!

    What about the Storage, cabinet, keyboard, mouse etc. ?
  3. Saiyan

    TE's gift to Singles for the V-day.

    Don't blame TE, the ads are displayed based on your browsing patterns. :P
  4. Saiyan

    Samsung to remove extra apps from TouchWiz: Report

    I think despite removing all the apps it is still a lousy software. They should really think of revamping it.
  5. Saiyan

    The Married Lot :P

    you guys discussing about me :P ? Yeah got married last month little more than a month back :)
  6. Saiyan

    Are you religious?

    I believe in god and highly religious. I believe if Shiva and Vishnu exists then Jesus and Allah exists too and I strongly believe in Karma. I am not superstitious and i don't go about preaching my views to others and i bloody hate the same if someone does that to me including those from my...
  7. Saiyan

    Which BB connection good in Chennai?

    bumping this thread. Any idea how good is You ? Came back to Chennai for a month and the Airtel lamers just pissed me off totally, been using it for past 9 years, time to move on. I live in Velachery, near the main bus station.
  8. Saiyan

    Dead Space 3 - Discussion Thread

    I need someone to buy me DS 3 through origin from India, then i can play it here. :P @Freaky
  9. Saiyan

    Dead Space 3 - Discussion Thread

    @Gannu ^ohyeah forgot :P Let me try looking in origin :P
  10. Saiyan

    Dead Space 3 - Discussion Thread

    Guys, can i buy the Dead Space 3 PC version from India and play it in Singapore :P Bloody costs almost double here -_- #Gannu
  11. Saiyan

    Shop and Ship is now on Techenclave to assist you!

    ^ @shopnshipindia, kindly reply to my PM as soon as possible.
  12. Saiyan

    Camera All newbie/starter entry level DSLR information

    is it a good idea to buy canon 650D from here ? Canon EOS REBEL T4i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 3-inch Touchscreen and Full HD Movie Mode (Body Only): CANON: Camera & Photo and get it shipped to India by using Exclusively for PayPal Customers | HopShopGo Home ?
  13. Saiyan

    The Photography Thread !

    My first studio photo-shoot. _MG_2847 by Divya Prasath (Saiyan@TE), on Flickr _MG_2844 by Divya Prasath (Saiyan@TE), on Flickr _MG_2927 by Divya Prasath (Saiyan@TE), on Flickr _MG_2917 by Divya Prasath (Saiyan@TE), on Flickr _MG_2913 by Divya Prasath (Saiyan@TE), on Flickr _MG_2882...
  14. Saiyan

    Happy B'day Yajirobe (Saiyan)

    haha Thanks a lot guys :) Though not active over here, a thread in TE means a lot to me :) so next time you guys better start a thread by 00:01 hours, else i'll start banning people over here :| :P
  15. Saiyan

    SGS3 or One XL

    ^Nova looks good, will try thanks. I have used a S3 before, so kind of know how it is. Was just wondering if One XL would be equally a good buy if not better, plus it got LTE.
  16. Saiyan

    SGS3 or One XL

    ^Nope, its a downgrade when it comes to screen size. Don't want anything less than 4.65".
  17. Saiyan

    SGS3 or One XL

    No, too big for me. Already i am scared if i can hold the S3 :P. Nexus was just about perfect for me.
  18. Saiyan

    SGS3 or One XL

    Ok i badly need a mobile and i need it really fast, more like tomorrow. My GNex got screwed in rain. SGS3 LTE with 2GB ram is out here in SG but i suspect it'll be too costly. Kindly help me choose :)
  19. Saiyan

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    ^ here you go :) Video-Pro.Com Pte Ltd
  20. Saiyan

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Yeah, i got it for 150 SGD through an online store. Might have been slightly less had i went to sim lim square.