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    Storage Solutions Installing SSD in Lenovo G40-45 - Help needed

    I've been using a Transcend 128GB SSD on my Asus X550LD for a while now. Replaced the HDD with SSD and removed the ODD and successfully got the HDD fixed in. Regarding the size of the caddy, you'll need to check the size of the ODD after removing it from the casing. Order a caddy of the same...
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    DSLR/Camera for 1080p Videos

    @nishthecooldude, so which DSLR did you finally buy? Any update?
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    PC Peripherals First time printer buyer: Advice needed

    Calm down child. Read the OP's requirements, did he ask for a professional grade printer? Now read my response, did I talk about Canon's reliability or operation? I shared my personal experience of my home printers and their expenses. For someone who needs to print 10 pages a month, do you...
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    PC Peripherals First time printer buyer: Advice needed

    The problem with Canon Pixma printers is the cost of cartridges. Canon cartridges are priced exorbitantly and cannot be refilled easily. I've also been using a Pixma 3570 and have faced these issues. HP cartridges on the other hand come cheap and can be refilled almost anywhere.
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    PC Peripherals First time printer buyer: Advice needed

    I had the same requirement and after a lot of research finally bought an inkjet printer from HP. Found this article to be very helpful: 5 steps to choose the right printer
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    Camera GoPro Like action CAM

    Apologies for the late bump! If you're willing to buy the SJ4000, I suggest buying the SJCAM M10. It has the exact same specs as the SJ4000 but is smaller and a bit cheaper. Try sourcing it through someone coming in from US/UK or Hong Kong. Should cost you less than INR 5500.
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    All about ads (adsense and others)

    It may affect the AdSense standing/earnings from that blog. If its Blogger that you use, they may ban your account as well.
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    D-Link DSL 2750U : USB storage, how ?

    Connect your thumb drive to the router and access it on your PC via the run command \\ The USB port on the router is a 2.0 port so speeds may depend upon that as well.
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    All about ads (adsense and others)

    What niche does your YouTube channel belong to? Please provide a link if you can or send it via PM. Nope! You can't monetize them. This is how people suddenly stop receiving money as you stated in your post. Its just a matter of reporting those videos to Google/owner for copyright...
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    Monitors vertical line issue

    Monitor issue. Faced this issue on my laptop, started with one line and went on to thousands.
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    suggest a mifi router

    How about this one from TP Link?
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    DSLR/Camera for 1080p Videos

    Nikon D3100. Can autofocus in live view mode.
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    Budget 41-50k Laptop for Video Editing

    If you're looking to edit videos, trust me you need a 1080p screen resolution. 1366 X 768 resolution is a PITA to edit on. Also, the 'U' variant processors are supposed to be energy efficient and are not as capable as desktop i7s. If you are planning to use this laptop for 5 years, I suggest...
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    dslr video help

    @nuvpreet I have been vlogging for the past three years, trust me if you are planning to start a new channel, there's nothing worse than having crappy audio. I've personally tried Ahuja mics as well and they are shit! Its better to invest in a good mic than to test with crappy ones.
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    dslr video help

    If your major concern is audio, I suggest you to go for any good lavalier mic. Audio Technica makes good ones too. Alternatively, you can also look at options like Blue Yeti if you don't need a lavalier mic. What video editor are you planning to use?
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    dslr video help

    I think a Nikon D3100 has great video recording capabilities. Not only can it recordideos at full HD resolution, it also gives you the ability to continuously stay in focus in its live view mode. However, just like photographs, you still need good video recording capabilities as a user. Lighting...
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    PC Peripherals Suggestion for a mouse for daily use

    Take my advice and buy the Dragon War Unicorn, Period!
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    Decent robust ADSL modem?

    What was the issue? Power supply or the modem itself? I have a Beetel 450 ADSL modem/router at home which has had two power supply issues in the past. Both times, all I did was buy a new power plug and replaced the old one. And after over 7 years, the Beetel still works...
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    PC Peripherals Need New Cabinet for Future Expandability

    Where did you source it from and how much did you pay for it? I got myself a Corsair Obsidian 450D recently that I believe also fits your bill.