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  1. Brendon

    User Review Signature Acoustics CA12

    Introduction While I am a bit late to review the Signature Acoustics CA12, I have had the pleasure of listening to them when the IEMs were just one of the many samples that were on test to decide which one will be the first IEM from the Signature Acoustics brand. Signature Acoustics is a new...
  2. Brendon

    How are phones (quality+servic) from manu like Micromax, karbonn, lava, spice etc?

    Since there are HUGE specs differences between these companies and the big boys like HTC, Samsung, Nokia etc, I was wondering how many guys have bought such phones and had a really bad experience with them. Are they really worth taking a chance on ? I am aware that the resale value is crap but...
  3. Brendon

    WTB Xbox 360 VGA cable

    Need the Xbox 360 VGA cable. Can't find the original anywhere. :( Only condition is that the cable should be working perfectly. Location : Mumbai but if willing to pay shipping charges if seller is from outside Mumbai.
  4. Brendon

    FS: Cowon Audio O2 32 GB PMP

    Selling on behalf of a friend. Player is with me and I take full responsibility for the listing. For Sale Product Information Product Name: Cowon Audio O2 32 GB PMP Expected Price: Rs 6000 Shipping charges: Only Bluedart accepts electronic items in Mumbai. Shipping on actuals Manufacturer...
  5. Brendon

    Need AMD PC for 30k

    Q: What is your budget? 30k fixed Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) None Q: Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component...
  6. Brendon

    Sherwood SE-777 Balanced Armature IEM review

    Sherwood is not a new name in the world of audio. They have been a popular manufacturer of Audio Receivers for some time and they had products ranging from the entry level to the high end category. When they decided to enter into the IEM world they had two options. One was to piggy back on some...
  7. Brendon

    LG Optimus one - problem with Ndrive

    Hey guys, my dad is using an LG Optimus One that he purchased recently. Its all working fine but there is an offline GPS software - Ndrive that allows you a free map. We selected India but we get a message saying "'This device isn't authorized to make this operation." I have tried this many...
  8. Brendon

    Audio Technica T500 review

    Introduction This is a follow up review of the smaller sibling of the Audio Technica T series headphones. The other one reviewed was the younger brother T200 - And while the T200 was a entry level budget...
  9. Brendon

    Fable 3 Xbox 360 version

    As the title says, looking for a used Fable 3 copy as I am short on cash so any savings I make over the 1.8k retail version price will be nice. Disc should be in perfect working order. Shipping is required to Mumbai. Thanks. Brendon
  10. Brendon

    Audio Technica T200 review

    Introduction First off a special thanks to Gautam from Pristine Note for loaning me two more models of Audio Technicas T series line up - the T200 and the T500. In the same price range, Audio Technica has two more models - M20 and the M35 and it will be interesting to see if there are any...
  11. Brendon

    [REVIEW] Sandisk Sansa Fuze+

    Introduction The original Sansa Fuze achieved legendary status among music lovers since its inception. The SQ was a class apart and many people considered it the best sounding portable media player at any price point. The main reason was that there was no deficiencies in the sound. The...
  12. Brendon

    Audio Technica ATH-M35 review

    This is the bigger brother of the Audio-Technica M20 that I last reviewed - This headphone retails for Rs 3400 (TE special price) and are more expensive than my favourite budget headphones - the Koss...
  13. Brendon

    Audio Technica M20 review

    First off a special thanks to Gautam from Pristine Note for loaning me two models of Audio Technicas studio monitor line up the M20 and the M35. This review is of the smaller sibling the Audio Technica M20. Now in the entry level segment my favourite was always the Koss Portapros and no other...
  14. Brendon

    Camera Sony SLTs now available in India !!!

    Just checked the Sony India site and the SLTs are officially launched with bill and warranty !!! :D Sony Sony A33 - 37995 Sony A55 - 47995. The A33 is very close to the US price but the A55 is rather overpriced. :( But still I am happy they finally launched them in India. Hope to see some...
  15. Brendon

    Hybrid tech

    Ok, so its my new Tube/Solid State Hybrid amp ! :ohyeah: This is the Cavalli Audio EHHA DIY amplifier. A BIG thank you to TE member Titana for building the amp for me and taking the pains to pack and ship this 6 kg monster from Delhi to me. :hap2: This adds new life to my existing headphones...
  16. Brendon


    Ok so its not mine and it will be gone in a few days but couldn't help post them here - They sound every bit as beautiful as they look.
  17. Brendon

    Audio Denon D5000 vs Grado SR225 vs Audio Technica M50 vs Sennheiser HD650 - Impressions

    Ok, this is not a completely valid comparison as I did not have more than 1 hour listening time with any of the headphones except the HD650 and there was also no volume matching done. So don't read too much into my impressions as someone will probably have a different view on each headphone...
  18. Brendon

    Streaming Audio is awesome !

    Ok, I got a Music streamer DAC. :) Got it for 9k via iccworld. On opening the very simple package I was stunned to see the HUGE variety of accessories that came with the DAC. Ok so nothing came with the DAC. Just the warranty card. No USB cable, no RCA cable no nothing ! However it used the...
  19. Brendon

    Router needed

    Ok, my internet at home is screwed ! :( I need to use my dad's MTNL connection but my computer is in another room so I need wi-fi. The problem is my net is not working too good and I can't do any research on wi-fi modems. So please let me know whats a good modem to use. I will also need a...
  20. Brendon

    SPDIF header

    I dunno whats it called, basically I need something that connects to the SPDIF adapter that connects to your motherboard. Thanks