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    Huawei Honor | 1.4Ghz | 4" | 8 MP | 1900mAh

    Available in U.S as Huawei Mercury for 230$ or less.
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    Want to buy a Galaxy Nexus white

    Get it from Japan for 350$ USD. Amazon jp link: forwarding service:
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    5£ off on - NO MINIMUM PURCHASE!

    Ordered a mobile holder. But instead of my India address shipped it to my U.S SnS address ^^. Damn!!
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Discussion Thread

    Those who are already in the beta, did u get any keys to invite others?
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    Video HDTV purchase from Bangkok

    I'm really sorry to hear that. I just now called up Samsung customer care and they confirmed that you need to have your bill copy to claim warranty. Try calling up best buy and check whether they can scan and send it via email.
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    Free $5 eBay Gift Card

    If anyone is interested in exchange, let me know. Im planning to buy a mobile from and I could use some coupons.
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    Video HDTV purchase from Bangkok

    Received a couple of PM so I'm posting this here. Regarding warranty: AFAIK and as stated in this thread by others, both Samsung and Sony offer asian warranty. For my Samsung TV I had to register it at VAT refund: Tourists are eligible for 7% VAT...
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    Request or Offer Invites here (NO Trades!)

    Is there any alternative for
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    Request or Offer Invites here (NO Trades!)

    Can i get Bit-HDTV invite or any other decent hd site? Currently have account but the content has gone down nowadays. Current ratio:1.375(1.19tb/884.92gb) p.s: I download "ONLY" hd content.
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    Video HDTV purchase from Bangkok

    Just came back from Bangkok yesterday. Bought Samsung UA40D5500 in patnip plaza (best buy ) for 21000bhatt (35k) and with customs of 4k = 40k in total. Retails for 60k in flipkart. 1yr asian warranty available. It was also available for 18k in another shop but i had already bought it. If...
  11. R coupons and deals

    They will most likely cancel the order, looks like a pricing mistake. Costs 1.6k in flipkart Btw, use "PC16281622M2" to bring it down to 545rs
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    PepperFry Launch Offer - Rs.225 Credit(Rs.200 on Signup + Rs.25 for Newsletter)

    Fair enough to me. If all the retailers keep bleeding, then we'll see more shutdowns like
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    [Android/Gameloft] Modern Combat 3 selling for $0.99 (24 Hour sale)

    Didn't work in HP TouchPad :-\ Used the refund option.
  14. R Deals and Coupons

    If anyone can spare me a 10% coupon, I'll make an equivalent contribution to a charity of your choice. So if I can get 2000rs off using coupon, then I'll make a donation for 2000rs. Let me know if anyone can spare.
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    Sony HX7V for 12.1k at Timtara (using coupon 2.5k off 13k)

    Yup, read the other timtara thread y'day. Now I'm planning to get canon s95 from (19k) once I get 10% coupon.
  16. R Deals and Coupons

    Ahem!! Anyone got 5% or 10% off 1000 coupon? need to buy canon s95.
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    Raspberry Pi

    Looking at the possibility of using this as 'carputer'. Lets see..
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    Sony HX7V for 12.1k at Timtara (using coupon 2.5k off 13k) 2.5k off 13k using coupon "XMAS". Not sure how long the coupon is valid but it says only few hours left. I tried it on Sony DSC-HX7V and it worked. (14690-2500 = 12190) Sony-Cybershot-DSC-HX7V: Buy Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V 16MP Digital Camera(Black) India Online- Find Price and...
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    16gb Pendrives at minimum 561 rs -

    Don't waste time fellows. I received order confirmation mail yesterday and money was also deducted. But today my order page shows status as "rejected". --- Updated Post - Automerged --- You may not receive a mail for rejection, better check my order page.