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    WTB 8" or higher tab - Android or iPad

    Looking for a tablet for car - Android or iPad. Other OS also considered if it support offline navigation apps. The larger the screen, the better. Should have bluetooth and rear camera. Sim slot for data connectivity would be a nice addition. Budget depends on brand and features... Location -...
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    Storage Solutions [Query] How to password protect portable HDD?

    I need to password protect a 1tb wd hdd preventing unauthorized access. There was bitlocker option with Windows and couple of other softwares that does it by encrypting the drive. But it looks like encryption takes forever to complete when I tried it on a small usb drive. Is there a simple way...
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    WTB Lga775 Motherboard with DDR3 support

    I need an lga775 motherboard with ddr3 ram support. G41 model is first preference. Location is Kochi, Kerala
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    WTB Modded PS2 or PS3 with Custom Firmware

    I am looking for a modded PS2 or a PS3 with custom firmware. Location: Kerala
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    How to Setup Wifi Router for Cable ISP?

    I took a new internet connection from local cable provider "Asianet Dataline". The cable modem is connected to PC via lan cable. There is a username/password to connect to the internet using a browser login page. How do I set this on my wifi router so that devices like PS3, tab etc can connect...
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    Anyone using MTS Mblaze?

    I'm seeing this ad for mts mblaze-wifi often with a postpaid plan of 999rs with 40Gb FUP per month. Anyone here using their services? and what speeds are you getting? and how reliable is the connection itself?
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    WTB Andoid Tablet

    Looking for an Android tablet in good working condition. Galaxy Tab or similar good ones preferred. Budget is flexible and depends on brand and features. Requirements: * Good Processor, preferably dual core * 1Gb Ram * Front Camera and Skype app should work for video calling * Good screen...
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    WTB iPhone 4S

    Looking for an iPhone 4S. Location: Kochi, Kerala
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    WTB LCD/LED Monitor in Kochi

    Anyone selling led or lcd monitor in Kochi, let me know.
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    WTB AM2 Socket Motherboard

    I need an AMD Socket AM2 motherboard for my friend. It should be in working condition and should have onboard graphics and atleast 2 sata ports. Price - the lower the better. Location: Kerala
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    WTB Sata DVD Writer

    Looking for a Sata internal dvd writer of any brand in working condition. Location: Kochi
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    WTB Car MP3 Player

    I'm looking for a used car head unit. One with usb input will be good. JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony Xplod etc. preferred. Also looking for a bass tube/sub woofer. Location: Kochi, Kerala
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    WTB Laptop HDD for PS3

    I'm looking for a 2.5" Sata Hard Disk to use with my PS3. 160, 250Gb models preferred as my budget is low. Location: Kochi, Kerala
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    Audio How to extend creative speaker cables?

    Hi, I am using Creative SBS A500 5.1 speakers with my desktop and was wondering if I can extend the length of cable for rear satellites without cutting wires. I need to extend them by about 2m so that I can mount the speakers on wall. I bought 3.5mm extender cables thinking it would work, but it...
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    WTB lga775 motherboard with ddr3 support

    I need an lga775 motherboard for Q6600 processor. One with DDR3 memory support preferred. DDR2/DDR3 Combo models like MSI P45 Neo, Gigabyte G41 etc. also considered. I am from Kochi, Kerala.Bump.....
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    Audio Budget 5.1 Speakers with optical/digital input

    I am looking for some budget 5.1 speakers to use with PS3 and Samsung 40" LCD. Both have digital/coaxial outputs, so I guess it would be better to go for some speakers that has these input options rather than plain old audio jack. Dont have the budget to go for HT's with HDMI input (Is there any...
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    CPU/Mobo My PC Freezing every now and then

    My PC was acting weird for some months. It just locks up sometimes. A complete freeze - Mouse, Keyboard nothing works. I have to restart system every time this happens. It happens in random pattern too. Sometimes it freezes at windows loading screen when I boot it up, or it may freeze after 1-2...
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    WTB Laptop or Netbook

    Looking for a Laptop or Netbook under 10k. Laptop preferred. If its netbook, I need something with a screen res. of minimum 1024*768. like Sony Vaio W,HP mini 2140, Dell Mini 12, Acer Aspire One 751H etc. Location: Kochi, Kerala
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    WTB Sata DVD Writer

    Looking for a Sata DVD writer, preferably LG super multi. Any other brands welcome except Sony. Also need a 120mm fan (nonled is enough). So if someone got both stuffs up for sale, let me know. Location: Kochi, Kerala.
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    WTB Need a PSU

    Looking for a Mid-range PSU 450-600W 80+ cert.. Some preferred models are Seasonic S12II 520W, FSP Saga/Epsilon models, Tagan Stonerock Series, Corsair CX500, VX550, GS 500, Cooler Master GX550, Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus/Duo series. CM brand not much preferred but will go with it if...