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    WTB I need a thinkpad t440p

    As the title says I need a t440p as low specced as possible with no chassis or structural or screen damage.
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    WTB I need a base model thinkpad t440p

    I need a thinkpad t440p with as lowest specs as possible. The only thing i need is laptop chassis with minimal damage, screen and motherboard should be working without any problems. Rest all like battery, or hard disk, memory can be missing or not working. My budget is 10 - 11k Rs. Thanks...
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    WTB I want to buy a barebones t440p.

    Like the title states I want a barebones ThinkPad t440p without cpu, ram, storage, charger or battery. Price is negotiable. Thanks.
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    I want to buy used laptop with i5 2nd or 3rd gen.

    The laptop should be working. The screen should be properly working. The hard disk and battery are acceptable if not working properly. The location should be Mumbai and Thane as I would like to personally check the laptop. Also, I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with Pentium N4200 disassembled so I...