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  1. Greyfalcon

    FS: Others Antec VP500PC Power supply unit

    Has official warranty till 15th September but im sure it wont reach anyone before that, so providing 4 days testing warranty. Shipping will be 50-50. Bought from in 2018 and was used in a pc with gtx 960 for a year. Lying unused ever since. Works perfectly
  2. Greyfalcon

    Is plugging a surge protector into a UPS too risky?

    Hi I have an APC X600C-IN UPS which only has 3 outlets at the back. I can use one of them for my CPU and one for the monitor. The last one I can use for my Belkin surge protector onto which I can plug my modem, WiFi router and speakers. So this will ensure that even if the power goes, my Modem...
  3. Greyfalcon

    WTB Need an AM3+ motherboard

    Hi I need a motherboard for my FX 6300. So it should be AM3+ and also piledriver compatible.