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    #Logut Campaign by Restaurant Owners Many of these restaurants were unknown and got visibility only after apps like Zomato/Dineout promoted them. Older and well established restaurants mostly didn't participate in...
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    WTB Want to Buy Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+

    Looking to buy a Samsung S10 / S10+ in Mint condition. Only Exonys Dual sim models. Not interested in SD 855 models. Please pm your offers. Location Mumbai.
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    Need Suggestion on tracking watch for kids

    Hi Friends, I need some suggestion on a GPS tracking watch with cellular connectivity for my kid. It should take a sim card and provide at least 3G connectivity. Should do all the basic functions like tracking alert, SOS call or message etc. My budget is limited to Rs. 5000/- depending on the...
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    Has Anyone bought anything via JustDial ? Please share experiences

    Hi, Around one year back Justdial has started selling Electronics and numerous other items on it's website by aggregating local sellers. They claim that you get original invoice with manufacturer warranty. Price for some items are good and sometimes it is easier to claim warranty/special offer...
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    Suggestions for 32" LED TV, need to buy asap.

    1. Budget.: Flexible, cheaper the better don't want to spend extra but strictly under 20k. 2. Viewing distance. : 4- 7 ft. Max. It's a small room. 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. : Console (Xbox) and Media player. 99% HD Content 4. Preference for...
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    Sharp AH-XP13LV vs AH-XP13NRV

    Today I went to check Sharp 1 ton inverters. The local shop had only 1 to n NRV model for which he quoted 31.5k, installation etc extra. Other shops (ezone,reliance,croma) all had 1 ton XPS13LV model but the price quoted was 35k upwards. I asked the local shop fellow for the LV model but he told...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Brand NEW unused in white Color 2gb RAM US version Snapdragon S4

    Hi Friends I am selling a Brand New never used Samsung Galaxy S3 in white color. It was imported from USA, it has 2gb RAM with Snapdragon S4 processor. Product Name: Samsung Galaxy S3, I747 2gb RAM with Snapdragon S4 processor. Expected Price: Rs 32000.... SOLD locally Product...
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    ** LG Thrill 4G aka LG Optimus 3D ** Brand New

    Hi friends Available for sale is a Brand new LG Thrill 4G aka LG Optimus 3D phone. The box was opened and phone was switched ON only once to unlock. The phone has a Glass free 3D screen and a 3D camera. This is a dual core dual channel phone. The phone is unlocked to be used on all Indian...
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    HP VEER 4G with Touchstone Charger - Almost Brand New Condition

    Resurrecting the thread after a long time. Please read the update section of this post. Hello Friends, Available for sale is a HP veer 4G in Almost New condition. Link to Phone's specifications: HP Veer 4G - Full phone specifications I received it Sealed Brand NEW couple of weeks ago and...
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    Motorola ATRIX 4G Screen Protectors. Branded

    SOLD.. Motorola ATRIX 4G Screen Protectors. Branded Hi Friends, Available for sale is A pack of three screen protectors for Motorola Atrix 4G. I ordered these from Amazon through SnS but no longer need these since I've sold the Atrix. These are good quality branded Anti Glare Protectors as I...
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    Motorola ATRIX 4G Plus Otterbox Case.

    Hello Friends, Up for sale is an UNLOCKED AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G purchased from I Won two auctions...don't need two phones so selling this one. The phone is in very good condition and works perfectly. There are no nicks or major scratches on the phone. The following items will be...
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    MTNL woes.. any suggestions... :(

    I am still ruing the day (around 45days back) I decided to go for a MTNL landline and broadband service for myself. The phone was installed in 10 days but thereafter there was no sign of Triband. Having opted for 495 combo plan, I was worried that I'll be billed without using Triband. After...
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    *MINT** OLED ** Orange San Francisco aka Dell xcd35 aka ZTE Blade

    Dear Friends, I was one of few persons who got brand new OLED version of Orange San francisco from Prepaymania, UK. Thanks to Varkey.:) Phone specs: ZTE Blade - Full phone specifications I want to sell this phone as I've upgraded to Galaxy S series. Condition of phone is Excellent. There...
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    PC Peripherals CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 MemoryCMX4GX3M2A1600​C9 Support on Gigabyte Motherbords

    These RAM's are rated at 1600MHz right? Has anyone who purchased these Rams and got these working stable at 1600mhz specially on Gigabyte motherboards? If yes which motherboard you have used? Asking since most Gigabyte motherboards have 1.5v ram sockets and the SPD rating of these RAM's are...
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    ZTE Blade aka DELL XCD 35 aka Orange San Francisco Thread

    Dear Friends, Got this phone from prepaymania (thanks varkey) and flashed it with Modaco's custom ROM:hap2:. Waiting for stable Foryo release for it. Please post your experiences and tweaks about this phone here. This is my first android, so taking time to get used to it.:ashamed:
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    Car & Bike Help required from a team-bhp member on TE

    Dear Friends, As most of you are aware that joining team-bhp is governed by their are strict membership rules and is restricted. It is their prerogative and I'm not discussing that here. After going through an ownership thread in team-bhp I feel that some information from a particular t-bhp...
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    Car & Bike ICE suggestion required for Ritz

    Dear members and Audio Gurus, I've booked a Ritz vxi. I've read various ICE suggestion on various forums and learnt a lot, but at the same time it got me all confused. So I created this new thread. I want to setup a basic ICE system for my Ritz VXI. Budget is maximum 12k. Here are my...
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    Selling Experienc on

    Hi, I want to know the selling experience of fellow members on Ebay india site. I have seen many people in market section saying that they will not list their stuff on ebay since last time their payment was stuck. Let share our Selling experience on ebay so that we can make full use of...
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    WD 1tb External HDD New 4100. Samsung 17 inch CRT Used 9

    Following items are available: 1. Western Digital WD 1tb My book Essential Hard disk. This is a brand new hard drive I received as a Gift. I don't need it as I have enough storage available. Full 3 years Warranty remaining as clear from screenshot. Pack opened for taking pics and testing the...
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    DVI-D dual link cable

    Hi, I want to purchase a good quality DVI-D dual link cable. Please help me buying it. Those having good quality cables or original cables that came bundled with their monitors please pm me your offers. Otherwise please direct me to a place (online/ offline) where I can get one. Thanks in...