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  1. memnom

    Intel C2Q Q9x00/Q6x00

    Hi, Looking for a Intel Q9500 / Q6600 Processors for a Gigabyte G31SL Mobo [DDR2] Price should be reasonable. Thanks.
  2. memnom

    WTB Overclock-able 3770K - Delidded/Sanded Preferred

    Hi Guys, If anyone is looking to offload their 3770k please let me know. Highly Overclock-able is much welcome. Delidded/Sanded working processor are more than welcome. Regards
  3. memnom

    FS: Desktops GA 890FXA-UD7 + AMD Sempron 145

    Hi Folks, Looking to sell my AMD 890FXA-UD7 [with Heatsink] and AMD Sempron 145. Both of them in pristine condition and have close to 2 year warranty remaining, also has original invoice. Local buyer preferred. Shipping is not out of option. Kindly take PM for any discussion.
  4. memnom

    FS: Consoles PS3 160GB [Ready for PC Monitor] + MGS 4 Disk

    Hi Folks, Looking to sell my PS3 Phat 160GB. @ 14K + Original MGS4 Disk [other games upon request] It's running on Kameaw and last played "The Last of Us" without so much a stutter. Back then I didn't have a TV, hence got a lot of accessories that'd let me plug and play in a PC Monitor. It'd...
  5. memnom

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair HX620

    Dear Folks, Selling most of my hardware as i got an opportunity to go abroad. Local Buyers will be preferred at any point in the deal. Testing warranty will be provided.
  6. memnom

    FS: Video Card Sapphire R9 280x Toxic - 17K

    Dear Folks, Selling my stuff as I got an opportunity to move abroad. Local buyers will be given preference. 17k
  7. memnom

    WTB Android Phone - 2.5k - 3.5k

    Hey Guys, Looking for a standby Android phone for around 3.5-5k as a stand by phone. Not on the lookout for Micromax/Lava/Xolo or anything. Usage marks are OK, but shouldn't have any cracks or other major defects. Screen should be as good as possible. All the functionality should work well...
  8. memnom

    WTB AMD 7970 / 7950

    Fellow TE'ians, Looking for a used 7970 Warranty is a plus. Price should be reasonable. PM me for offers.
  9. memnom

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 1 TB - Brand New Replacement - 1 Year Warranty

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM Price: Rs 3250/- Time of Purchase: Replaced a couple of months back. Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | Till Reason for Sale: Upgrading to a NAS setup. Purchase Invoice Available: No [Warranty based on Serial]...
  10. memnom

    FS: Desktops CPU, Mobo, RAM, TRUE 120 X

    Product name : Intel Q9550 Manuf URL : * User Manual: * Expected Price: 4000 * Time of Purchase: 3 Years ago. * Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No * Reason for Sale: Upgrade * Purchase...
  11. memnom

    Input required on PC buy. #Urgent#

    Hey folks, Im thinking of getting the following system from a friend of mine. i7 2600k - 9k [18 mnths] Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z [z68] - 14k [18 mnths] Gskill RipjawsX DDR3 16GB 1600Mhz - 5k [18 mnths] Sapphire 7970 Dual-X 3GB [8+6 Pin] - 21k [12 mnths] Dell U2412M - 15k [6 months old] CM...
  12. memnom

    WTB Intel 2600K Processor

    Hey Folks, Looking for a Intel 2600K Processor. Warranty is preferred but not mandatory. Having high multiplier however is imp. Looking to OC to 5Ghz on air. Please let me know your offers. Cheers.
  13. memnom

    Monitors Gaming Monitor [23"/24"], Suggestions please

    Hey Folks, Im looking for a 23"/24" Monitor. The usage pattern will be like Gaming > HD Movies/TV > Browsing > Pic/Doc Editing. Budget is around 18k give or take 1k if its so compelling. Please pour in your suggestions. Cheers.
  14. memnom

    WTB High-End Bluetooth Headset

    Hello guys, Looking for a High End / Premium Bluetooth headset. If its in warranty and has good bat life then that's most welcome. Please ping me with your offers. Cheers.
  15. memnom

    WTB Graphics Card =<1000

    Hi Folks, Am looking for a graphics card less than or equal to 1300 Rs, preferably under warranty and if possible with HDMI output. Kindly let me know your offers shipped to Chennai. Cheers.
  16. memnom

    GO : HP Pavilion G6-2136TX Offer.

    Hello Folks, I got an offer from a friend of mine for a HP Pavilion G6-2136TX for 32k [give or take .5k] which currently sells for 37k in flipkart. I'm not in the market for a lappy right now so if anyone is interested i can pass this deal on to her. The bill will be in the name of my friend...
  17. memnom

    WTB 2GB DDR2 SODIMM [Laptop] RAM.

    Hello folks The tittle says it all. Need a 2GB DDR2 Laptop RAM for a HP Laptop [duh!] PM me with the offers guys.
  18. memnom

    MCSA / MCSE Query

    Hey Guys Would like to request some info on Microsoft Server certifications. Well the query is simple.... Which exam should i do? I'm currently working in Server 2003 and have a very good understanding and like to upgrade myself with a certification. Could some one throw some light on how i...
  19. memnom

    WTB 2.5" Internal/External SATA Hdd without Bad Sectors

    Hi folks, Urgently in need of a 2.5" SATA HDD with or without casing [80 / 160 / 200 GBs]. It should not contain any bad sectors and if its in warranty then great. Else i would need 3 days testing warranty. Price - 1500 shipped to chennai. [negotiable for right product] Please contact me ASAP.
  20. memnom

    Samsung Vibrant IMEI messed up, Help!

    Hello folks,, Me got a Samsung Vibrant one SlimICS rom and wanted to upgrade to version 4.2, This is what i did: Odin'd back to Stock JFD [with repartition checked] Installed CM9 as base. Installed Slimrom 4.2 Now my IMEI is 000444xxx instead of 355500xxx I again Odind back to stock but no...