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    Ps3 160gb

    Looking for used PS3 160GB console with some warranty left under 11k. Location Mumbai
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    PS3 Console and 22-24" Monitor

    Looking for used PS3 console (with bill and warranty) and 22-24" LCD monitor (with bill and warranty). Location Mumbai. please post here or PM your offers thanks.
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    Motorola Cupe . Where to buy ?

    Hello guys I want to buy Motorola Cupe...but its not available anywhere...can any1 tell me from where I can buy it. It is only available in Korea. Anyone know from where it can be imported ? Really want this phone badly. Here is the link Motorola CUPE - Full phone specifications
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    Full Computer under 25k

    Hi Want to buy a used but under warranty computer under 25k for gaming purpose. Location : mumbai looking for 1. CPU + Mobo 2. DDR3 RAM 3. Graphics Card 4. Power Supply 5. HDD/SSD 6. Cabinet 7. Monitor if anyone want to sell just CPU + Motherboard then PM me. please let me know.
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    Earphones under Rs. 500 only

    Hi Want Earphones under Rs. 500 only...preferably under some warranty. Thanks
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    Phone under 12k

    Hi a friend wants a phone. His budget is 12k +- 1k. HTC phones preferred. Phone should have some warranty remaining. Thanks
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    Laptop under 30k for Multimedia purpose

    Please suggest some laptops under 30k for multimedia purpose specially for watching movies. any brand.
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    Best Phone under 20k

    Hello everyone. I am planning to buy a phone under 20k. Can any1 suggest me some good phones in this range.. this i what i want 1. Big screen (>=3.5") 2. Android 2.2 ---> 2.3 3. 1Ghz Processor 4. good gpu 5. memory not an issue 6. decent build quality 7. good multitasker 8. good sound quality...
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    Study Abroad Help Please

    I am planning to do MS in Computer and Electrical Engg. or just Computer Science. I gave GRE last year in November and scored 1350 (550V + 800Q, AWA 3.0) Will write TOEFL in April. Currently I am working in Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai as a web application developer. I completed B.Tech...
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    Asus 1215T

    Selling my Asus 1215T Silver Black color. Bought from SMC international in January 2011. 10+ months warranty left. With bill, box and all original items that came with it. Excellent condition...rarely used.... Reason: Buying a Desktop PC free logitech mouse Price: 18.5k shipped...
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    TV - Any model

    Hi looking for a used TV any model, any type....21" + location : Mumbai PM me or post here
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    iPhone 3GS

    Looking for a iPhone 3GS (any capacity, white color preferred). around 14k.... Should be in scratchless condition.... can also buy iPod touch 2g/3g but very cheap (around 4k) PM me the offers. Thanks
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    Used: Gaming System

    Looking for used Gaming system (but under warranty) under 40k. The system should have 1. 24" Monitor 2. at least 4GB DDR3 RAM (corsair etc) 3. 5870/460 GTX etc gfx card 4. Core i3/i5/ quad core proccy 5. mobo 6. at least 650+ watt psu (corsair etc) 7. 1TB HDD (500GB x 2) 8. Decent Cabby 9. KB...
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    Laptop/Netbook under 30k

    Want to buy a laptop/netbook. Budget is 30k. Purpose: 1. Internet Surfing 2. Java Programming (Eclipse/JBoss etc) 3. Dreamweaver/flash etc No photoshop 4. Little bit gaming (fifa11 if possible) 5. Movies Requiremnt: 1. light weigth < 1.7kg 2. Battery life > 3.5 hrs i have these in mind 1...
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    Samsung Wave S8500 with 16GB microSD Card.

    Hi Selling the Samsung Wave S8500 with 16gb microsd card. With bill, box and all accessories. Excellent Condition...screen guard applied.... Bill date : 15 July 2010 Warranty till 14 JULY 2011 Price = Rs. 15300 shipped [img=]...
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    Google Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S

    Looking for used google Nexus One or Samsung Galaxy S I9000. PM me with the offers.
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    Htpc + 24" lcd

    looking for a used/new HTPC under 10-12k and Monitor 24" Required. 1. dual Core Atom/or better 2. capable of full HD video playback 3. good for programming (eclipse etc) 4. small in size (as small as possible) 5. inbuilt wifi/bluetooth/3G preffered 6. power efficient
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    Netbook under 22k

    Hi i am going to buy a netbook.i need some suggestionss i have 22k for the netbook. i need 1. decent build quality 2. 12" display preferred though 10" will not be a problem 3. good battery life (3.5 hrs +) 4. good keyboard 5. 2GB RAM at least i have these in mind 1. lenovo s10-3s 2. asus...
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    Lenovo S10-3 / Asus 1005PX

    Looking for a used Lenovo S10-3 or Asus 1005PX preferably with 2GB RAM. PM me the offers. Thanks
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    Nexus One or Other good 3G phone

    looking for a used Google Nexus One or other good 3G touchscreen phone please PM me