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    English TV series discussion

    I have spoken
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    Borderlands 3 is available for PS4 for Rs. 1290 that's the cheapest I have seen and there is a further discount for prime members.
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    Xiaomi laptops launched in India.

    I am also looking for some hands on experience as the specs are good and it looks VFM.
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    Time for a TE Watch Thread

    I have a tiny wrist(6.25) , so was wondering if the 007 would be too big on my wrist ? The other option I have is to go for the younger sibling 013. Any suggestions ?
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    CreationWatches - Questions

    I will be ordering a Seiko watch from Creation Watches. Should I pay using credit card ?